Identify your interests, recall childhood dreams and accomplishments, ask loved ones for feedback, try new activities – these exercises will help you get to know yourself better and discover your talents. Keep reading to find out more about each method.


Think about what you like to do in everyday life. Throughout the week, write out what you do and mark the activities that give you pleasure and fill you with energy. Even if you enjoy, for example, cooking, but think you have no talent, do not rush to give it up. Skills can be developed over time, and interest is the best motivation.

Childhood Dreams

Children’s hobbies and favorite games are often related to our abilities and talents. Children can fantasize, they don’t set goals and they don’t limit themselves in their desires. Think back to all the things you loved to do – playing games, traveling, interest in animals and plants, drawing, sewing. Chances are, these memories will help you recognize your hidden talents.

Here is an example of how it works. When you were 10, you enjoyed playing cards. Maybe now placing bets at is a way to achieve your goal you thought about in your childhood.

Evaluation of People Close to You

Sometimes we can ignore our own strengths, but loved ones can reveal unobvious skills. After all, there are abilities not only in singing or drawing. For example, you can tell a good joke, listen to a man and help him with advice, to build a team. All of these skills may be to you, as something self-important, so you do not pay attention to them. Ask friends and family directly what your strengths are, what talents you need to develop, what your uniqueness is.

New Areas

It’s possible that you haven’t yet pursued a field for which you’ve developed a talent. To do this, learn new subjects and sciences, experiment with hobbies and creative pursuits, watch topical movies, webinars, listen to podcasts, and read articles from different fields. Then think about how you can fulfill yourself in this.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. For example, if you want to understand if you are good at dancing, you can go to a free trial class. It will be enough and let you find out what you think during such an activity and if you want to keep doing it. 


Analyze your lifetime accomplishments and what you have been successful at. It could be school Olympiads, creative competitions, victories in sports. It is our strongest skills that allow us to achieve great results. Think about what skills have helped you succeed in a particular activity.

To summarize: don’t be afraid to do the thing that appeals to you, even if you lack the skills. Remember that everything can be learned. Analyze their achievements and childhood dreams, start to develop forgotten talents. It never hurts to look from the outside, ask for feedback from your friends. Do not stop developing and learning something new, this is the key to discovering hidden talents.