Many companies are producing different objects. They sell them in different retail stores. Management at stores arranges them attractively on shelves and counters. People see them and purchase according to their tastes. Counter display boxes are an effective means of displaying different objects by placing them on counters. They come in different shapes and styles. Therefore You can get them in personalized shapes according to your needs. You can print them by using the latest techniques. You can make use of the PMS and CMYK color schemes for excellent results. They set out different objects attractively. Let’s see how we can prepare them from simple cardboard boxes.

What is a counter box?

When you go to retail stores, you may have seen small boxes present on the top of counters near cashiers. They are counter boxes to display different objects. Most retail stores use them for displaying candies, chocolates, cosmetics, and other objects. They hold ready-to-purchase objects. It is the best way of increasing sales by promoting your products. It serves the purpose well because customers have to stop at counters. They necessarily look at them and understand the value of items. The attractive and beautifully arranged items attract the consumers to make a purchase. You can print it with beautiful and professional graphics to increase its visual appeal. Many companies are producing them by using cardboard material. They require heavyweight and thick cardboard. It can hold your items securely and promote them before the people. 

How to prepare it from cardboard?

You can convert an ordinary cardboard box into a counter box. This is very simple. Before going ahead, we must know how a counter box looks. It has the same base as all other boxes except that it does not have a lid. The lid of the box is made of a standing board that is vertically aligned. Their vertical flap helps to promote your objects. Following are two types of counter packages. 

Tuck end display boxes for counters 

They possess three flaps on the top and bottom end. Two of the three flaps are supportive, whereas the third hooked flap “tucks into” the display box. Their design is unique and easy to fold as well as store. It is hassle-free to use them because they are erecting. You can have many variations in these boxes, such as an auto-locking tuck display box. This feature of these packages makes them useable for heavier objects. They have a unique style to present different objects attractively in the stores.

Double-walled display boxes for counters

They are popular due to their strength and durability. They possess two sheets of robust cardstock that help to protect their constituents. You can increase the number of layers according to your requirements. They are floor-based counter boxes. They require extra protection against bumps, jolts, tear, and wear. There are many variations in these boxes, such as pop-up lid counter packaging, vertical counter display package, punch inserted counter packaging, and many others. They help to decorate and arrange different objects elegantly. Their high-quality printing can promote your company.

Try to make them stand out

When you are going to make display boxes for placing them on counters, you should try to make them in exclusive designs. They must have unique and awesome shapes. When you have to compete with others in the market, you must consider the value of designs. All the brands have developed outstanding outlets. They have developed their interior designs according to their products. They collaborate with designers and architects to improve their outlets. We must be creative while designing our display boxes. We can make use of top-notch coating for improving their visual appeal. You can also use many additional features to make them look attractive. You may emboss the name of your company and its logo. Hence you may also deboss it for a different look. Embossing and debossing can help you look awesome. Foiling and lamination are other options for creating outstanding designs.

Foiling and other add-ons

You can use silver or gold foiling to make it look like metals. Silver foiling resembles a silvery outlook where gold foiling helps you give a golden appearance. You may also make use of perforated or die-cut boxes. Spot UV, gloss UV, and raised ink are different techniques that can help outshine in the market. You can use matte coating or gloss coating to give a sophisticated appearance. Gloss coating helps your display box look smooth and reflect light. Matte coating assists in absorbing light and offers muted colors. It imparts a deep appearance. You can also make use of satin finish for making them alluring. It is a mix of matte and gloss finish.

Make use of the latest printing technique

You should promote your company and its services by making use of these boxes. As you must print the logo and name of your company. You can print the slogan and other details of your brand. You can mention its licensing information and certifications for winning the belief and confidence of consumers. Hence you can make use of attractive graphics and drawing to increase their visual appearance. Therefore you should print relevant images and graphics to demonstrate the attributes of your items and their target audience. Many printing techniques are available. You should use the best printing for generating high-quality prints. You may select any of the printing techniques that fit your budget and requirements. Offset and screen printing are costly, whereas digital printing is cost-effective.

There is no difference between cardboard boxes and counter display boxes. They are alike, except that counter packaging contains vertical flaps instead of lids. You can use your cardboard structures for displaying objects on the counter. There are small variations that you have to perform. You have to print both the boxes differently. They help to present different objects elegantly.