How to disable a quick discussion among us has become a connected search on online gambling forums and other places. It has become a surprise for some users because this newly added feature of the fast cat has been warmly welcomed by users. Despite the great acclamation, some users prefer to play this game without this functionality enabled.

If you are among such actors, we will indicate to you how to disable this feature in this article. Please keep reading without jumping to get all the details. This query has become quite popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

What is the quick discussion among us?

A quick discussion is a newly added feature of the latest version among us. How to disable a quick discussion among us has become quite trendy. This feature allows users to send specific messages quickly. While SMS plays a vital role in the game, this feature makes the process smoother and more efficient.

Is it recommended to deactivate this feature?

Keep this on or off is your personal preference. Although the fast cat is a practical feature, it can limit our messages to only a few texts given in the quick discussion menu. There is a fast failover option between a quick and normal discussion to use their two characteristics; Some users prefer to turn a quick discussion entirely.

How to disable a quick discussion among us?

Let’s take a look at the process associated below:

There is a specific age limit to use this feature.

You also have the opportunity to switch between normal and fast discussion.

If you want to turn off the quick cat, open the game first.

In the game, head to the settings.

In the Settings menu, tap the hardware icon.

Now, head to data, where you will find an option called “Type of Discussion”.

Here you can set the parameter to the standard or normal discussion only and disable the quick chat.

There could be various reasons to disable this feature, like not to love the room or maybe because users want to use the game as it was before this update.

This solution to disable rapid conversation among us will probably work for all devices.

Final verdict

Among US officials has recently added the quick discussion feature among us in the last update. The quality is well received and becomes fashionable. Although this functionality and this option are practical, some people do not want to use this feature. If you are among them, you can find the process of transformation of this feature above. All other information is available above.

Do you play this game with this extinguished functionality or? Do you think that the deactivation of this feature is a brilliant idea? Let us know your thoughts on how to disable a quick discussion among us in the Comments section below. Do not hesitate to reach out anything.