How come are you seeing weeds on your lifeless artificial grass? If this is bothering you, let me give you an example.

Look around you at the concrete pathways or roads, these are pretty sturdy and closely packed, yet the weeds manage to grow through the crevices. Then why can’t they grow on our artificial grass?

Weeds can develop in all sorts of, damp, and moist areas. The seed just needs to get into your turf somehow and they’ll start to germinate. 

Thankfully, there are some natural and chemical solutions that can help you to get rid of the not-so-welcoming weed on your artificial grass. Table salt, boiling water, and vodka is among the natural solutions. Or you can go with weed barriers for your fake grass. 

Learn how to treat weeds in artificial trees below!

How To Treat Weeds In Artificial Grass?

Before we tell you about the ways to kill weeds, let’s see how they germinate in your lovely lawn in the first place.

How Do Weeds Grow In The Synthetic Plants?

Despite artificial grass being much more resilient to weeds than genuine turf, weeds can nevertheless sprout through your artificial grass. 

One cause is, that they can grow and develop in a wide range of environments. Seeds might be blown in your backyard by the wind, which will initiate to germinate once they find a little damp spot. Moreover, they can potentially grow through the sand infills of your turf too! 

Ways To Treat Weeds In Artificial Grass

Below are some productive ways to nip the weeds from the turf without causing further spread. Let’s take a look at how to treat weeds in artificial trees.

Commercial Weedkiller 

It’s one of the most labor-saving and suitable solutions when it comes to taking care of weeds! There are numerous choices available, including weed killer sprays, powders, and liquids. Weedkillers can be found at your local garden supply store. Use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Natural Vodka Weed Killer

If you are doubtful of the chemicals used in the commercial-grade weed killer, you can make yourself one! In a spray bottle, combine 30 ml vodka and 2 cups of water. Then, add a small amount of any natural dish soap and give it a mix. Now precisely spray the weed and let them dehydrate in the sun.

Apple Cidar Vinegar Solutoin

It is another eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to kill weeds. Fully soak the blades with apple cider vinegar solution and clean up the area after some time.

Salt Solution Or Sprinkle

A solution loaded with salt can make the ground unbefitting for both plants and pests. So, to kill weeds that aren’t waxy, you can simply use a saltwater solution. It may, unfortunately, corrode metal and concrete objects and leave a residue, which needs to be cleaned afterward 

Another way is to directly sprinkle some table salt over the weeds to dehydrate and finally kill them.

Boiling Water

This is quite a straightforward method to finish off the unwanted weeds. Simply pour boiling water over weeds to kill them without discoloring the faux grasses. then, Pluck the weeds out and toss them aside when they shrink and die after some time.

Precautions To Avoid Its Coming Back

Once you’ve gotten rid of the wild-weed-growth nuisance, you need to make sure that it doesn’t come back again. For this, you have to simply follow some advice!

Replace the backing

This one is for those who have turfs with have perforated backings, because can cause weeds to germinate. The perforations allow weeds to easily take root beneath the lawn. And the bigger problem is, they might grow down into the earth if kept for long. So, better switch to a non-perforated backing!

Proper drainage

A damp lawn is an ideal environment for weeds and other living things to thrive and survive. So, make sure that your artificial grass for outdoor or backyard gets adequate drainage.

Occasional Dusting

If you can dust the grass off even once a month, it will come of great help to keep the weeds away. Soft-bristled brushes are ideal in this case, as they won’t damage the blades. remember to stroke briskly in the direction of the pile for optimal results,  it will keep the turf erect and lovely!

Final Thoughts

Before finishing off, let’s preview once again the best ways to treat weeds in artificial grass!

If you want a budget-friendly solution, you can go with the boiling water process. However, it’s not fully guaranteed that the weeds won’t return again. You can try apple cider vinegar, which is also an eco-friendly solution. Again, if you want a long-term solution that is surely effective, go with a commercial-grade weed killer which is non-toxic.

Whatever method you choose, always make sure that it’s completely safe for your children and furbabies!