From beginners to experienced people, those who keep betta fish always have to purchase from the fish shop to their homes. For that, people prefer to carry betta fish in a car. But if you make a mistake in the transportation method, it will put a lot of stress on the betta fish. 

Betta is a fairly tough fish, so it isn’t easy to transport in a car. You must ensure the necessary equipment to carry in your car. Schedule and equipment management plays a vital role when you transport betta fish.

That’s why the article will introduce the methods and precautions for safely transporting betta fish in your car. So please read this article to prepare the necessary items and safely carry your betta fish to their new home. If you are looking for charming betta fish with unique colors, there are many betta fish for sale.

Selection of the necessary tools and materials:

First of all, you make sure that you have everything ready to transport betta fish in a car. It is the most vital step to transport your betta fish properly.

Therefore, you should check if you have forgotten about additional devices – buckets, nets, containers for transportation, etc.  Repeat the step-by-step plan of the event: which actions you perform first, which ones later, etc.

Do not use a bucket:

Nowadays, some people try to transport fish in buckets or an aquarium while driving. This is a big mistake.

Have you ever had to hit the brakes because some bad driver interrupted you? Well, if your betta fish is in the car and transported in a bucket, the bucket could spill or tip over. It can be leaving your betta fish in your car, which will kill it.

Transporting betta fish in the aquarium:

There really isn’t a good way to mount them in your car when it comes to aquariums, especially glass aquariums. Even if you can’t drive smoothly enough to keep your betta fish safe.

If you plan on transporting your betta fish around in the tank, remove enough water to prevent it from leaking.  If you slow down a little, you need to remove all decorations. Thereby, there will be no cracks in the tank and no decorations floating around.

Also, when using the bucket, do not overfill it so that it does not spill while driving. With that being said, transporting betta fish in a car, inside an aquarium, or bucket. It is really not recommended due to the many problems that can and do occur frequently.

Purify the aquarium water:

When you decide to combine transportation and cleaning of the aquarium, do not forget to siphon the soil. You don’t need cloudy water, and you can pour it out. But you need to take clean water with the aquarium. In total, you will need about 20-30% of the filtered liquid from the total volume of the aquarium.

Temperature Adjustment:

The next thing you must consider is the temperature when you transport betta fish. You must control  ​the temperature in the aquarium.

In the case of betta, it was usually controlled with a heater to keep the water temperature at 26 degrees. Although betta fish can adapt to slow changes in water temperature to some extent, they cannot keep up with sudden temperature changes. So when you transport betta fish in your car, you must be conscious about this matter.