Today many of us are used to save files in iPhone or iPad, including photos, music, videos, e-books and documents, etc. No matter they are recorded by ourselves or downloaded from websites, usually they are big in size once accumulated for a long time, especially these videos. The space consuming data then need to be transferred between iPhone iPad and some other devices like PC. However, for users who get enough with iTunes, how can they transfer data between iPhone iPad and PC?

Things you should know before making any choice

Why so many users are eager to find an alternative to iTunes nowadays? Well, reasons differ from iTunes new users and longtime users. For the former, iTunes may be something quite confusing for the earlier period of time. It’s not so easy to figure out how to correctly transfer data between different iOS devices. From time to time, they even have to find accurate tutorial on internet to make transfer, which is really inconvenient and time consuming. For the latter, they run out of patience for iTunes is because sometimes data loss or even file leak will happen after transfer. In addition, users of iTunes’ Windows version have worse user experience compared with those who use OS X version. Smoothness is the key factor having an impact on this perspective. 

Taking these problems into consideration, we recommend WinX MediaTrans. Why? Here are the reasons:

·On this software you can set password before transferring data between iPhone iPad and PC. Do not have to worry about file leak.

·Every file you want to transfer will not be missed. Zero data erased.

·Other easy-to-use functions. For photo and video, their formats can be converted if needed; for music, you can create your own playlist and album information can be edited on your will; for file size, it can compress the data you want to transfer by 50%—release storage space to the both ends…

·The data transfer speed is the world’s no.1 fast, but quality, especially of videos, will be maintained.

How to easily transfer data between iPhone iPad and PC 

With WinX MediaTrans, data can be transferred with just a few clicks. Here we choose photo transfer to elaborate on the tutorial. Check out below for detailed steps:

Step one: Click “Photo Transfer” on the software main interface to get started.

Step two: Select the photos you want to transfer and click “Export”.

Noted: The “Refresh” icon is to get the real-time data. If you want to export photos from iPhone to PC privately, you can choose “Export with Encryption”. Moreover, if you encounter with the problem like pictures cannot be viewed on Windows after transfer, you should check whether the pictures are of HEIC format. If so, you can first convert it to JPG.

Additionally, if you want to add photos from PC to iPhone, you can click “+” to create a new album for these photos. “Add Photo” button is where you can select photos. Last just hit on the “Sync” icon to transfer pictures from PC to iPhone.


If you are getting enough with iTunes and want to find a more convenient alternative to it, we recommend you try WinX MediaTrans. It has multiple functions but easy to use. Two way transfer between iPhone iPad and PC can be completed within seconds.