Sometimes we need to find the exact location of a person just for security purposes or for emergency contact.  If you want to get updates about your boyfriend’s whereabouts, tracking his phone is the best option. 

By tracking your boyfriend’s phone you can find where exactly he is. There are a lot of methods and tools that you can use in this regard. The given article describes the best methods to track the boyfriend’s phone without him knowing.

Method 1. Spylix: Track Boyfriend Phone Right Now! 

If you have some doubts about your boyfriend and want to track his location so you can catch him red-handed then the best way to deal with it is using a spy app. Spy app doesn’t only let you track his phone but also offers other monitoring features to get cheating pieces of evidence. 

The spy app works secretly and Remotely so you can track him without him knowing. Among all the available spy apps Spylix is considered to be the most efficient and reliable. 

Spylix offers more than 40 monitoring features and supports tracking of android as well as iPhone. It also has gained 96% positive reviews which is enough to prove its credibility and efficiency. 

Step by step guideline 

Spylix offers a straightforward process to set up and use the app so anyone can do it even without having previous experience or special knowledge. 

You just have to follow the given steps to track your boyfriend’s phone right now: 

Step 1. Create Spylix account 

Navigate to the official website and create a Spylix account on it. Click on the try now button and sign up by providing your email address. 

Step 2. Setup the app 

In the case of the iPhone you just have to provide iCloud credentials of your boyfriend to set up the Spylix on his phone.  

In the case of android follow the instructions provided on the screen to install and set up the app. 

Step 3. Start tracking 

Now you just have to log in to your dashboard and start tracking his phone. 

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What Will You Get through Spylix Tracking?

  • Real-time updates. You can get accurate and real-time updates about your boyfriend’s GPS location by using Spylix. 
  • Location history. Spylix not only permits you to find the exact location of your boyfriend but you can also view the places that he has visited earlier. 
  • Geofencing. It offers you a geofencing feature through which you can set certain places as dangerous zone and whenever your boyfriend enter or leave these places you will get an instant notification. 
  • Track calls and messages. Besides tracking location Spylix also let you monitor outgoing and incoming messages and calls of your boyfriend and found if he really cheating on you. You can also read deleted messages with Spylix. 
  • Track social media. It offers you social media tracking of your boyfriend. You can monitor his Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media accounts. 
  • Track browser history. Spylix also allows you to view the browser history and bookmarks of your boyfriend to find out what he is searching on the internet. 

Advantages of using Spylix

  • Spylix is compatible with Android and iOS devices and You don’t need to root or jailbreak your boyfriend’s phone.
  • It works hiddenly and is completely undetectable so your boyfriend will not find out that you are tracking him.
  • It works remotely and stores and sends all the updates to your dashboard even from a faraway place. 
  • It works more than a location tracker, it offers you tracking calls, messages, social media accounts, browser history, and many more. 
  • It is very easy to install and set up so you don’t need to be a high-tech person. 
  • It offers 24/7 customer care service so if it stops working then you can contact them and the issue will be resolved in minutes. 

Method 2. Find My Phone: track the device using inbuilt options 

This is another tool that has proven itself as a good option for tracking someone’s device location. This is an inbuilt option and people are widely taking advantage of this facility to track a lost or stolen phone.

You can use this tool for tracking your boyfriend’s current location. to track your boyfriend’s location this to needed GPS along with cellular signals and a wi-fi connection. This tool is available for the tracking of almost all types of devices. 

Step by step guideline 

Following is the process you have to do in order to track your boyfriend’s phone: 

Step 1. Go to the official website of “find my phone” and there you just have to enter your boyfriend’s phone number in the search box. 

Step 2. Provide your email address so you can get the tracking report of your boyfriend on it. 

Step 3. In the last, you just have to confirm all the details including your email address. 


  • It tracks the accurate location of your boyfriend’s phone number.
  • You also get updates about the target device
  • This can also be used to track a lost phone. 


  • It has some restrictions like it must need to turn on GPS and WiFi cellular data of your boyfriend’s phone. 
  • Your boyfriend may get a notification 
  • It doesn’t Track any location history or any other device data. 

Method 3. Google Maps: track boyfriend’s phone 

This is the web navigation service that is available for the public to track someone’s location. This is really useful and widely used around the world especially when we’re driving because of its inbuilt features that allow the person to track any location in seconds.

It is a very known service that is typically designed for guidance and tracking locations. This is a completely free process as you don’t need to pay any charges to use it. 

Step by step guideline 

For your guidance a step by step guideline is given below to use google map for tracking your boyfriend’s phone:

Step 1.  Open Google Maps on your boyfriend’s phone and choose the menu button. 

Step 2. Choose the location sharing option and turn it on. Set the time until you want to turn it on.

Step 3.  Choose your device so you will get the link through which you can track his location. 


  • It provides the authentic location of your boyfriend because of GPS, wifi, and GPRS. 
  • You can track more than one phone at the same time by using Google Maps.
  • You can follow the path to access your boyfriend’s location. 


  • You need to physically access your boyfriend’s phone or get his permission. 
  • It is detectable as your boyfriend will get a notification whenever his location is shared. 

FAQs about boyfriend phone tracking About Tracking Boyfriend Phone

  1. Can you track someone on Google Maps without them knowing? 

Google Maps is a good option to track a device. It can be used to find a lost phone or to find someone’s location but it is not possible to track someone without them knowing because when it starts tracking the person instantly got a notification about it. 

If you want to track someone without them knowing then Spylix is the best solution for you. It can track your target person’s current and real-time location without informing him. 

  1. Can you track someone’s location with just their phone number?

Yes, you can track anyone’s location by just using their phone number with the help of a tracking application. It will not only let you provide the exact location of the target person but also enable you to track other activities that person is performing on his or her mobile phone. 

Spylix is an efficient tracking app through which you can track GPS location, call logs, messages, and social media accounts of the target person by just using their phone number. 

  1. Is there a free location tracker? 

Yes, there are many efficient location trackers that work free of cost. You can use the “Find my device” tracking app for iPhone or Android, it works free of cost but it is not a hidden way of tracking someone. 

Spylix offers you many budget-friendly pricing plans so you can track anyone’s location hiddenly and Remotely. 

Conclusion- Track Your Boyfriend Right Now! 

Advanced technology and tools have made this possible to track anyone’s location. The given article provides different methods that you can use to track your boyfriend’s phone

Spylix is the most reliable, useful tool through which you can also enjoy tracking social media, calls, and messages along with GPS location remotely and hiddenly.