Regardless of whether you run a small business or a company investing hundreds of dollars for a prominent social media presence, it’s going to be spoken about by people online. Each time you appear in other people’s Facebook or Twitter feeds or Instagram comments, your brand counts as social media mentions. This indirectly implies greater brand awareness and translates into increased sales and an improved position in the industry. 

When you are on a tight budget, organic social media as well as social media mentions are free-to-use marketing channels. Did you know that 62 percent of American adults receive all important news from social media? And if you ignore these statistics, you will end up losing a major, effective win. 

Understanding social media mentions

Social mention happens when your company is mentioned online and it can take place anywhere. This could be review sites, online forums, blogs, and of course, social media platforms. Social listening wiki is an amazing means of monitoring the visibility and perception of a brand. It can be categorized by the social network, channel, or even the attitude or sentiment by which the post is conveyed. 

Tracking social media mentions

You will surely come across several online forums claiming to offer a winning formula to track and count your brand’s social media mentions. But the truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all and it entirely depends on your unique business model. So you have to know the metrics to factor in:

Engagement: Engagement is the most critical indicator of how effectively the post is amplified with the community. It’s worth mentioning that while the number of followers is significant, it’s crucial to have the right kind of followers. The higher likes, shares, and comments you have on the post, the higher is your engagement. As your community becomes mature, you may start going deeper and evaluating the quality of your post’s engagement. 

Clicks per post: Having any content going viral is a great thing but you can never lose track of the engagement with your products and services. It’s an important thing that comprises the traffic and visits to the website. It is definitely a great means to assess the kinds of posts that are effective in bringing people back to the page. 

Growth: While this metric is often underrated, it is worth considering from time to time. The question here is how engaged the business has been but when it comes to staying in the business, it’s crucial that the business witnesses growth. If you factor in the numbers over a significant span of time, you will realize which posts have worked to fetch you, new followers. When you are equipped with this data, you can create posts that bring you the desired success. 

Final words

Social listening tools have always driven amazing insights for every company and content creator. But that’s not everything. In the near future, AI tools are going to evolve to such an extent that the industry has witnessed before. Therefore, it’s critical to make the most of social media mentions to help your brand grow.