When you buy your loved ones a pair of blue light glasses for kids or get a blue light filter for your computer, you may be interested in finding out their effectiveness in blocking the blue light spectrum because of its negative effects on your eyes. Fortunately, there are numerous easy ways which you can use to test the effectiveness of your blue light glasses in blocking blue light effectively without having to go to the lab, or without ordering for expensive spectrometer tests.

Below are two simple techniques which you can use to test your blue-light filtering glasses? These tests can be done online and are easy to follow from start to end.

a). How to Test Blue Light Filter Glasses

These steps should help you test blue light glasses for kids, and how well they can block the blue color spectrum.

1. Glance at the RGB color -test without wearing your glasses

You should be able to see the red, green, and blue color chart, with the outer ring being blue and a light blue inside.

2. Wear blue light blocking glasses

Blue light glasses have a red-tinted color on their lens.  In some instances, you will also get new clear blue and yellow filtering lenses.

3. A perfect result is when the blue center is no more

Your original color of lenses determines the amount of blue and green color that is filtered from your eyes right to the RGB color-chart test.

b). How to Test Blue Light Filter Software

If you want to know how your computer software can block the blue and green color spectrum, you should follow these steps.

1. Glance at the flashing black and blue image. You can try turning on and off your software and find out the difference that this brings.

2.  If the only color that you see is black, then your software is effective in blocking 100% of the blue color from your computer screen.

3. Take a closer look at the flashing green, as well as the black image.

4. If what you see is only black, then your software is capable of blocking the green colorfully from your screen.

If you can still see some shades of green, that is an indication that the settings of your software are not able to block green light 100% which emits from your laptop screen.


The two methods above make it easy for anyone to know the effectiveness of your product to filter blue light effectively. Red lenses are the best since they can block 100 percent of the blue wavelength which is considered to be harmful to your eyes. Clear lenses that have blue light filter-coatings are generally considered to be very weak.