Most of the students have a fear of maths. Stuffed with formulas, theorems, derivations and whatnot, the subject is a nightmare to some. It becomes a challenge for the teachers to make it fun for their students. 

The fear for the subject does not arise in a night. It starts early in childhood. Not understanding topics properly or not having basics clear leads to fearing the subject as they keep growing and get promoted to higher classes. It is also important to keep them motivated throughout and motivational quotes for students is really helpful in such cases. 

There have been great maths scholars whose stories and quotes can be shared among the students. 

To do away with the fear and make maths fun for the students, teachers need to put a significant amount of effort right from their primary classes. This article aims at helping you teach Math classes for kids in a fun and creative way to the primary students.

  • Use Picture Books 

Pictures and colours attract students. It is also easier for students to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc., better without feeling overwhelmed. Let the students participate in the counting class.

  • Use Tricky Maths Puzzles

You will find an ample amount of tricky maths puzzles with answers on the internet especially curated for the primary classes. There are also books available for the same. You can use these resources to make your maths class interesting.

Learning from the book and solving problems from the exercises can be tedious. Give them a break and let them use their brains to solve the puzzles. It will make the class interesting as well as they will be putting their learnings into action.

  • Play Games

Playing games to explain topics never go out of style. Incorporating various games whether it is with the use of digital tools or simply a traditional approach, there are a lot many games that a maths teacher can bring into action. Guess the prime number, BINGO, quick mathematical operations, etc can be used in the class.

  • Use Their Names

As a maths teacher, you will be solving many word problems that have different names mentioned in them. Instead of using any random names, use the names of the students in the class. This will make all the students pay more attention and maths authentic to them.

  • Create Healthy Competition

Creating healthy competition in which students compete among themselves or with themselves to perform better than others or than themselves is a good way of keeping the spark on. Competing is not bad, it rather promotes learning. 

  • Use Real Objects 

Using a real object to explain concepts has a lasting effect on the students. They will understand and retain concepts better. Teaching mensuration, geometry, addition, subtraction, etc., can be done by using real objects. 

  • Include Parents 

Sending kids home with assignments that require them to take help from their parents is one of the most effective ways of teaching maths to primary kids. Also, kids are attached to their parents, when they find their parents being involved and helping them out, they will be comfortable and learn from them as well.

Maths mostly becomes scary because of the way it is taught. When taught creatively, it can be a fun subject. So, try using the ideas suggested above in your next maths class.