Wearing the wigs is not the only thing that you have to take care of, but there is one aspect that people forget to think about. If you have been using wigs frequently, it is essential that you also care about the cleaning and washing of the wigs. But do you know that washing the wigs is difficult, and you will need the right kind of product and technique to wash these wigs? 

If you are a regular and frequent user of wigs, you must have many questions in your mind. So let us help you out in understanding and determining when and how you should wash your wigs. 

Table of content 

  • How frequently should you wash your bob wigs? 
  • What products to use for washing short human hair wigs
  • How to wash your virgin hair bundles

How frequently should you wash your bob wigs?

Wondering when and how frequently you should wash your bob wigs? Well, the correct answer is right here for you. Usually, the stylists suggest that, on average, one should wear their wigs at least once a week. But if you are not wearing your wig quite frequently, it might not require you to wash them as frequently. 

However, you must check if there is any debris accumulated on the wig. If the wigs have dirt and debris on them, then make sure you are washing them and ensuring that you dry them in the air so that there is no moisture left, and then you can store them in a dry and cool place. 

A lot of other factors impact the need for washing frequency of the wigs increases as well. If you are using the wigs and styling them every now and you are going heavy on the styling products, then the frequency should be more than once a week. It is better that you wash your wig twice a week at least. But when choosing products, it is highly recommended that you select the products that do not have any alcohol or the detergent that can dry out your wigs. These harsh products can make the wig hair brittle and can damage it as well. 

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What products to use for washing short human hair wigs? 

Whether it is one of your bob wigs or you have a few of the short human hair wigs, you will need to wash them. But how to choose the right product? Well, that can be a kind of tricky because there are a lot of products in the market that you will end up being confused with more than ever. So, a little bit of basic information is essential to have. The only thing that you need to do is to check the ingredients. When you are going to buy products that you can use for washing the wigs, start with containing the elements. Harsh products will not be the best option as they will ruin the quality of the hair. So, for starters, you must look for shampoo or a washing liquid that does not contain sulfate. The only thing that you need to find is a shampoo that does not contain sulfate and alcohol. Alcohol is a drying agent and can make your wig hair brittle and dry. 

How to wash your virgin hair bundles?

If you have the product but don’t know how to wash your virgin hair bundles, we can help you out. The first thing that you need to do is to wet the hair wig with water and apply the product to it. As discussed above, do not pick a product that contains alcohol or sulfate, as it will ruin your hair. Once you have all the hair supplies, start washing your hair wig. You need to gently form lather with the shampoo or detergent you are using. After gently massaging it for at least 5 mins, you now need to rinse the hair wig. It is important that you remove all the products from the hair wig properly and make sure no product is left in it. A thorough rinse is highly recommended, and if the product is left in the wig, it will ruin the quality of the wig. Once that is done, dry it in the air and make sure there is no moisture left. It is important that you ensure the wig is completely dry before your store it or use it again. 

When using it again, you can use the hair styling mousse for better and easier hair styling. However, heat protectants aren’t as great for synthetic wigs, so you should avoid using them on synthetic bob wigs. But if you have short human hair wigs, it is also best to use heat protectants. 

When planning to store the wig, make sure to have a mannequin head where you can place the wig properly before storing it. Do not just put it in a bag and store it in a drawer because, in that case, the hair will tangle, and it will be very difficult to detangle this hair. One makes sure that the placement of the wigs on the mannequin heads is done in a way that the hair does not get tangled. 


In the guide above, you can find all the information you need regarding taking care of the bob wigs and virgin hair bundles. One has to make sure that when getting and using these wigs frequently, the washing and cleaning of these wigs are also done in time. Make sure to take care of these wigs and store them in a dry place. The wigs should be dried properly and should not have any moisture because with moisture, if these wigs are stored, fungus and possible bacteria growth is one of the major threats.