If you are a cat enthusiast, you don’t need any introduction to a Persian cat breed. Nothing can be great than bringing home these sweet little paws. Persian cats are famous for their cute and unusual looks. They have been one of the most demanding breeds across the world. With the passing time, Persian cats have got immense demand in India. However, it is always a need for you to choose a breeder offering a reasonable cat price in India.

A Persian cat has a great temperament and nature, making it a good choice for your family with kids and other pets. However, since these are very lazy, you must ensure that you properly care for a Persian cat. Their sweet and gentle nature makes them one of the easiest breeds to live with. Always provide these creatures with a soft and calm atmosphere to live peacefully. They have an average life expectancy of 12 to 17 years.

But, if you are new to bringing home a kitten, you need to pay attention to some of the significant health conditions they face. Taking proper care of these breeds is a must. So here we will check out the most important things you need to do to care for your little one.

Things to do for your Persian cat.

Grooming is an essential part of their lifestyle: Before you buy a Persian cat, you need to note that you must be very attentive to this little one. As they have double layers of thick coats, they tend to become dirty very easily. So you need to ensure that you take proper care of their coats to maintain their looks and health. If you don’t pay attention, it will result in various skin and matting issues.

You must stay prepared for the considerable amount of money you need to invest in grooming your Persian cat. However, you can groom once you get accustomed to these cats. You only need the right equipment and products to ensure proper grooming.

Wash their face daily: Remember that Persian cats have a very unusual face shape, making it very easy to get different kinds of issues. Some of the most common problems are breathing trouble, stains under their eyes and others resulting from their facial shape. So you must be very responsible and ensure you properly wash their face daily to eradicate the chances of getting such issues.

Use water to clean their face regularly, or use a soft cotton cloth. Make sure you do it daily to remove the stain and eliminate the chances of any skin issues.

Combing is necessary: Persian cats have two layers of thick fur quality, making them even more prone to skin troubles. Apart from this, if you don’t take good care of their coats, it will result in shedding and making your room dirty. So, you need to buy a cat comb available in the market to comb your Persian daily.

Combing will help remove loose fur and keep your house clean. However, one of the most common reasons for declining quality is using bad-quality shampoo. It is always suggested to use high-quality cat shampoos and conditioners, especially for Persian cats.

When you bring a Persian cat home, you must be vigilant and take proper care of them. However, choosing a responsible breeder offering the best Persian cat price in India is always recommended without compromising on quality. Mummy Cat is one of such breeders with immense knowledge and experience to help you. They offer the best price and quality.