More and more is being done to tackle the inefficient disposal of waste that is harming our planet – but this is still not enough. Many people don’t give a second thought to where they leave their waste, but this is often the root of the problem. If waste isn’t disposed of correctly, it can pose serious damage to the environment, including wasted energy and labour that could be put to better use elsewhere.

In this blog, we take a look at just some of the different methods of waste removal that are the most effective in ensuring that we all do our bit for the environment.


The most common mode of waste disposal today is arguably not the most ideal way of getting rid of the non-recyclable waste that we no longer need. However, with limited space to work with, it’s often a “needs must” approach. Measures are taken to optimise the waste disposed of during landfill, such as eliminating any harmful odours and removing toxic substances.

This waste is then left to decompose naturally. Although this is effective enough in the long term, it can present a number of problems. These include the build-up of toxins and greenhouse gases and an inability to repurpose the land for an extended period, restricting usable space.

As a result, many waste disposal companies are looking for alternative options.


As we know already, materials will melt and decrease in volume if they reach a certain temperature. By incinerating waste at extremely high temperatures, their volume can decrease by 95%. This is highly efficient, allowing much less material to go to waste.

The benefits of this method of waste disposal are twofold, as the energy produced by this process can be reused for power further down the line. It’s little wonder why more and more waste is being discarded in such an efficient way.


The most effective way of disposing of recyclable waste is unsurprisingly… recycling! By recycling, you can directly reuse materials that you would otherwise throw away, or pass along any that can be repurposed in the future. These materials include plastic, glass, and cardboard amongst others, so there is ample opportunity to do your bit for the environment.

Recycling has never been easier, too. You should be able to recycle your household items on a weekly basis by leaving them in a designated area for council collections, but if you can’t wait that long there are recycling points aplenty. Be sure to research the closest to you!

Not only is recycling helping the wider environment, but it can also have a direct impact on your daily life, starting today. By swapping single-use plastic bags for those that are reusable, you are not only doing your part, but you are saving money by spending less on materials that you simply don’t need.

Hiring a skip

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