The forest sounds like a nice place for tourists and maybe an ideal place to stay for a little bit, but most people also expect a pleasant location with at least one shelter and food when they speak about living in the forest. But still there are instances where people miss their way around in the jungle.

Would you want to be trapped in the forest without a survival knowledge? Perhaps we don’t know. So we’ll think about some of the crucial things you have to do to stay healthy.

Protect yourself

It is important to find a way to defend yourself if you are out anywhere you are not comfortable with. You may shape a spear from a branch or bamboo piece if you are carrying a pocket knife or another kind of sword and rifles. Read our post on this subject for reviews of the best hunting air rifles. You should use a rock to help you form your spear if you don’t have any of these. You would not get any good against a big animal with a small knife, on the other hand a spear could improve the combat (that’s not to suggest that any form of forest, major or otherwise, should be provocated or attacked).

Find shelter

If you’re trapped for some time you’ll need shelter to keep you safe. However, you don’t want to waste a lot of your time trying to build a home in which you just don’t want to stay for a long time. You would also want a shelter that would be simple to build but also protects you from the elements and mostly animals.

You will do best to create a lean-to approach. This arrangement leans to a tree. Just get a long stick, long enough to be able to sleep under it (because you’re going to) and lean it against a branch and always keep tactical brightest flashlight with you.

Then take smaller branches and lean them to the wide branch. If you can cover the entire thing with grass, it’ll make you cooler and make more predators out. At sleep (that will be at night), you should feel a lot happier.

Find water

Honestly, it’s not as hard as you would imagine to get water. Of course, you will be sure the water’s safe to drink, so make sure you boil it before swallowing if you are unsure. Nevertheless, to obtain water you should make use of rainfall, plant and vegetation, or generate your own water while also generating solar energy.

A little hole also needs to be digged and a jar set in the middle. Place moist leaves around the bottle and placed the sheet over the top (this is enough only in the morning). Anchor it with a few leaves and place a little rock in the middle of the sheet to bring it over the jar a little bit downwards. The condensation builds up on the base of the sheet and is directed towards the container in the middle.

Find food

Seeking some food is the second most important thing to do. In a jungle there is plenty of food, you just need to learn what you are looking for. There are certainly many plants in the forest, all of which are healthy to consume. If you are trying to pick plants, though, you will want to have with you a survival guide of some kind, since not all jungle plants are healthy and you certainly would have no guide to help you, because you did not expect to lose yourself in the forest.

You should stick to vegetables if you want to eat something. Search for any bananas, palms or bamboos you have eaten before. Everyone is safe to eat and can find themselves in the jungle fairly quickly. Do not seek one of the other berries or plants around you if you can’t  find either of them. You never know what could be dangerous. Concentrate more on wildlife capture.

Now, you might think you should go out and look for food and not pick it up. You probably won’t get anything like that, unless you are a major hunter and are good at finding it quick. Instead, the best bet is to pick up the dinner. You require them to do all so that you can conserve your time.

Keep moving

You would like to find your way back to life and someone to help you. It would require a good sense of instruction. Unfortunately, you might be disorientated by being trapped in a forest (or anywhere it all looks the same) . You will ride in loops, which means you may have to find your way back a lot longer (if you can do so). What you want to do is find a benchmark you can use when cycling.