Surprise pregnancy announcements will leave your husband speechless, and for good reason. Pregnancy announcements are special and memorable because they are such a rare occasion for most couples. Often, when you announce a pregnancy to others, they may respond with an indifferent “Congratulations!” And while that may seem like a genuine response, it is also a reflection of how uncommon these announcements typically are in most people’s lives. 

There are many opportunities to surprise your husband with a pregnancy announcement. If you want to give him the shock of his life and make this moment one he will never forget, read on to learn more about the different ways you can do so without spoiling the surprise beforehand.

Surprise your Husband with a Paper Pregnancy Announcement

When it comes to good news, most of us want to surprise our loved ones. When you’re married, you want every moment with your husband to be special and unforgettable. Pregnancy is a wonderful event for couples, especially those who are planning a family. Simply saying a pregnancy announcement to husband is insufficient to express to him how important this event is to you. If writing is your strongest point, making an announcement on paper is a fantastic choice. There are several methods for making a surprise announcement using paper. You can create a letter, a card, a tiny book, or post an announcement on the wall.

Have a Confetti Pregnancy Announcement

Confetti is traditionally thrown over newlyweds to commemorate their union. Confetti, however, is now used to surprise or congratulate someone.

It’s one of the cutest ways to tell a  pregnancy announcement to husband. Pop it and surprise your hubby and celebrate the wonderful news together.

You can combine it with other pregnancy announcements, such as showing him an ultrasound of your baby or posting an announcement on the wall. If you want to surprise your husband with the news, make sure you have confetti on hand. He could be surprised by the revelation, but the confetti you throw in front of him makes it feel like you’re celebrating the good news.

Pull off a DIY Pregnancy Announcement

In a few days, pregnant women will be able to tell their husbands about their pregnancy once they have recovered from the excitement of learning they are expecting. When your husband hears about your special news, it’s a precious experience to see his reaction. What adds to the pleasure of a pregnancy announcement to husband? Of course, we’re doing it with a DIY pregnancy announcement! These days, “DIY” is extremely popular among women. DIY stands for “Do it Yourself!” With this mindset, we fix and decorate things ourselves rather than relying on specialists or contractors. Mom will have to put in some effort and time to prepare something, and they can either follow their own idea or receive inspiration from others or the internet. Using items you already have around the house and being creative, you can make a pregnancy announcement. You can announce it in a variety of ways, for example, using a puzzle that you draw and cut yourself, using your shoes at home emblazoned with names, or adding a number for an upcoming baby, etc. This is the moment to put your creative mind to work and use your crafty skills to surprise your husband with a meaningful announcement.

Sneak in a digital pregnancy announcement

Documents were analog, whether they were handwritten or typed. The information was collected and shared using physical documents, such as binders, xeroxes, and faxes. Most businesses have  started to convert their paper-based records to digital data when computers became more widely used. Digitization is the process of converting analog information into digital form. The practice of pregnancy announcement to husband through the internet has become popular. There are many templates available online, and anyone can make beautiful announcement cards. You can download and print the announcement card and hand it to him directly. You can sneakily email the pregnancy announcement card to him; even if he is at work, he will be surprised, and he may call you for confirmation.

Surprise your husband with an Ultrasounds Pregnancy Announcement

The method of echocardiography, commonly known as ultrasound, allows the doctor to visualize the baby in the abdomen. Ultrasonography is commonly used to confirm pregnancy and for follow-up medical examinations. For the mother, it is a joyous examination that allows her to see her baby growing. During the early stages of pregnancy, an ultrasound can detect the head and body of your baby. A recent ultrasound can be used for several different things to make a special pregnancy announcement to husband. Anything you can do with a photo, you can do with your ultrasound. Here are some pregnancy announcement to husband ideas using an ultrasound:

  1. You could scan a six-week ultrasound and add details to the side  using Photoshop. 
  2. Make a scrapbook with pictures of your favorite memories with your husband. Include the ultrasound on the last page. 
  3. Give your husband a mug with the ultrasound image and the words “My Baby’s First Photo.”
  4. You can frame the ultrasound and give it to your husband as a gift for a special occasion.


Every minute of our lives should be memorable, especially those spent with our loved ones. If you’re a first-time parent who wants to start a family, learning you’re having a child brings a lot of delight and excitement. Because you’re so excited, you can’t wait to tell your husband, but you also want it to be unique and creative. You can come up with your own concept, use one from our list, or be inspired by what others have done. When it comes to how to tell your husband you’re pregnant, you can do whatever you like because, once you know the news, you’ll be able to make plans for your baby and your family’s future.