The passion twist styles are one of the newest protective designs to hit the market. Although two strand twists have been around for a long time, passion twist hair gives the style a unique twist. The twists are looser and feature a more relaxed spiral pattern, resulting in beautiful curls. 

Continue reading to get inspired by learning everything there is to know about this passion twist hair.

Serves as a protective hairstyle

Protect your hair while looking fantastic with a passion twist. Passion twists are a good, protective hairstyle that is less expensive and easier to apply than other classic styles.

They can be worn short, medium, or long, and in a variety of updos or down dos. Since you can swim or wash your hair, passion twist crochet hair is ideal for summer. 

Let’s learn how to do the passion twist together.

This fiery passion twist crochet hair, which can be made with just a dab of gel and a few bobby pins, are proof of that. Continue reading to learn how to style your passion twist correctly. This approach is excellent for learning how to perform passion twists on natural hair. You can accomplish this on yourself because it requires a little pre-sectioning and braiding of your hair. But when it’s all said and done, it’s really stunning.

Suitable for all hair types

This procedure is suitable for all hair types, including natural hair. With any curl pattern, such as 3A–3B or 4A–4C, as well as relaxed (permed) or smooth hair. We have a simple step-by-step guide to creating passion twist styles with the passion twist crochet hair braiding technique. 

You’ll have to purchase certain extensions.

Choose the right passion twist hair extensions before styling hair

To achieve flawless passion twists, you’ll need to purchase a certain type of extension with a high gloss and a wavy, fluffy texture. Water Wave extensions are a popular alternative, but you can also crochet on pre-twisted packets of hair. We recommend purchasing at least six to seven packets for a full head. The extensions are washable and fairly light and bouncy.

First things first, grab Your Installation Equipment

Get ready to style twist hair

After you’ve treated your natural hair, it’s time to get your passion twist hair ready with clip in hair extension.

You’ll need the following items first:

  • Braid hair with texture
  • Knitting needle for crochet braids
  • styling gel or edge control
  • Rattail comb
  • Hair ties with an elastic band
  • Setting foam
  • Hair and scalp oil

Simply follow the steps below to experience a head full of exquisite passion twists!


The first thing you should do with your passion twist extension is to fluff it. Before applying passion twist hair, you must first prepare your natural hair. Start with clean, conditioned, moisturized, and dried natural hair to prepare your hair for installation.

You can use passion twist crochet hair that is quite easy to fluff. Make it fluffy by running your fingers through it. To keep the wave pattern at the tips of the hair, avoid fluffing the ends of the passion twist hair. You can achieve more distinct ends by merely fluffing the central area.

Step number two-SECTIONING HAIR

Section your hair into square boxes, triangles, or random partings, as seen below. Before attaching your hair, it’s generally advisable to section your entire head first to get it out of the way. Make a braid in the portion (just the base) as shown below. We plait a small amount of hair to keep the passion twist hair in place when we attach it. This method prevents hair from slipping and allows you to effortlessly grab the hair. It’s especially useful if your grip game isn’t quite there yet. It also means that the passion twist hair does not need to be braided at first.


You’ll need your latch hook for this step. Attach the passion twist hair to the base of the braid in the manner shown below. Then take one end of the passion twist and pull it out.


Now that the passion twist hair is tied to your plait and stays put, twisting it is straightforward. Simply wrap the passion twist hair around your own hair until the plait you formed before is hidden (this is why we recommend only plaiting the hair a little). Section your hair into two halves and twist it with passion twist hair extensions.


After you’ve completed your installation, use setting mousse to set your passion twists. This stage is optional, although it is recommended as your twists become more luscious. It also maintains the ends of the hair defined and frizz-free. Hair mousse can be used to freshen your passion twist if you desire defined twists or after you’ve washed your hair.


Using the weave hair, tuck any short loose strands. Comb through a little gel, knot the passion twist crochet hair extensions at the root, and two-strand twist your hair together, just like you did in step two. But wait: Instead of twisting your hair all the way to the ends, merely twist the first quarter of each section (about 5-6 inches, depending on your length), leaving the ends undone and loose. To achieve a smooth finish, brush the portion out. Use edge control if your natural hair becomes a little dry during the twisting process. It will aid in the perfect blending of everything.

Step number seven- GOING FOR THE PUFFS

Finally, there’s the puff. Gather the top portion of twist hair around your hairline, part, and crown into a ponytail, and wrap the ends around and around to produce a tightly coiled bun. Using bobby pins, secure the braids at the bottom of the bun.


Passion twists are a simple hairstyle that is easy to apply and may be done at home. They have the same look and feel as goddesses or bohemian locs, but for a fraction of the price. The passion twist styles are simple to maintain and save time.  

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