Do you know any idea about streetwear clothing? Well, in early history the streetwear clothing are just for the rappers or skateboards and also for the surfers but now it will become a fashion trend after few decades.

 Now the time has changed and this passion phenomena having seen in red carpets and are very comfortable. It is so comfortable that you can wear them every day and even style them in your daily routine. It can risky to wear but if you want to style something different than you can go for it. Streetwear include the basic fashion step as like jeans hoodies and sneakers.

 Do you know that how you can style them up and most important is that jeans treat with is very difficult to style. Without trying too hard you can wear street wear jeans and look amazing.  The trick is very simple you just have to focus on the versatility. The only way you can wear state where genes is that you should have proper knowledge about these street where jeans and what kind of jeans are available in streetwear.

Once you know about the jeans type and their shopping brand then you can easily style them. You can buy street wear jeans from tenshi streetwear because they have the new collection of jeans. Not only this but you can show up other items of streetwear as well but first let’s find out what kind of jeans are available in the streetwear collection. 

Blue denim jeans

A basic streetwear staple is a pair of blue denim jeans a side from these straight leg pants. Although if we talk about the new pants then it  is not longer the central focus  but it is replaced from the jeans. You can wear the blue denim jeans with sneakers and whose it will give you a calm and balanced look. You can feel comfortable and yet classy in your outfit. This collection and is replaced from the pants. Now the central focus is on the genes and their various colors.

Black denim jeans

The next pair in this street collection you must need to know is the black denim jeans. As you know that black is very neutral and versatile color that can go with any aesthetic outfit. Not only just your outfit but you can pair the black dining with any color shirt or you can go full monochrome and all black look. Black is the color which you can style in every way and yet you look good. Streetwear people love the contrasting black denim with light color shirts and hoodies. 

Slim jeans 

Slim jeans are the perfect match if you wear them with the chunky Jordan’s. Today the Jordan’s are not just for basketball shoes but it is becoming the iconic staple in streetwear fashion. Slim cut jeans and the Jordan’s are the perfect contrast. You can choose this straight leg or skinny pairs of jeans with Jordan’s it will balance your look and keep it simple. If you want this then you should not copy everything from this type of but you can be yourself and wear as you like.


I hope now you have the idea that how you can very jeans and give streetwear look. Still going to the way you prefer and in which you look more nice.