Decades ago, WordPress was nothing but merely a blogging platform. However, it changed across the years, and now it is the most prominent CMS on the market you can find. WordPress powers over 34% of websites on the internet and has established itself as a leader in the industry. Therefore, when choosing a tool to build your website, we are highly likely to recommend WordPress. 

The importance of SEO for a website has increased over the years. Many platforms and tools for building a website may struggle with that. However, WordPress does an excellent job instead. There are many SEO plugins available to help optimize content, meta tags, keyword focus, and much more.

Today, internet surfing is primarily done using mobile devices, which means that making your site as responsive as possible to various devices is crucial to your success. Most of WordPress’ designs and themes are responsive. Using them, you will be able to automatically benefit from it without creating new websites every now and then.

WordPress is an easy-to-start tool, especially if you opt for a third-party host that provides one-click installation. In that case, you’ll be guided through the setup process like naming your site, setting site colors, picking a starting theme, etc.

There are thousands of plugin options for adding features to WordPress as well. Plugins cover everything from SEO to social media sharing, and pricing is varied, too. The plugin repository offers up tons of free or lite versions of plugins, or you can see premium options. 

WP Force SSL 

WP Force SSL helps you redirect all insecure HTTP requests to secure HTTPS and fix all SSL errors without writing a single line of code.

You need to activate “force SSL”, so everything will be set, and SSL enabled. The entire site will move to HTTPS using your SSL certificate. 

However, this tool works with any SSL certificate, so you can choose a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or any paid SSL certificate.


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WP Reset 

WP Reset resets the website’s database to the default installation values without alerting the files. Also, you can tell it to delete all customizations and content, or only certain parts like theme settings. 

WP Reset is a fast and safe-to-use WordPress plugin. It has multiple fail-safe mechanisms, so you can never accidentally lose data. 

WP Reset is beneficial for plugin and theme developers. It speeds up testing & debugging by providing a quick way to reset settings and re-test code. It’s the only WP development tool for non-developers that enables advanced reset.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping 

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is a fully customizable Table Rate Shipping plugin for WooCommerce. It will provide your WooCommerce website with table rate shipping which can be configured based on shipping weight and total shipping price, or additional shipping rates using standard WooCommerce shipping settings.

You can create unique shipping method names, hide shipping methods, import/export your shipping methods (edit them in a spreadsheet), and force them to be used.

WooCommerce Order Export

WooCommerce Order Export is an easy-to-use plugin that quickly exports data from your WooCommerce store into Excel (XLS, XLSX) or CSV formats. 

It is easy to set up and install with a simple user interface. You can download your WooCommerce data with just a single click and drag and drop sorting of the columns. The PRO version also exports customer data, shipping data, tags, and scheduled exports.


Starting a new WordPress website, whether it might be a blog or e-commerce, was never easier with the help of plugins. In this article, we’ve given you a list of a few plugins that you should not miss.