“Cloud computing offers individuals access to data and applications from nearly any point of access to the Internet, offers businesses a whole new way to cut costs for technical infrastructure, and offers big computer companies a potentially giant market for hardware and services.’

–  Jamais Cascio

The quote clearly states the power of cloud computing services in a single line. Everything is on the cloud today. The services provided by cloud providers are revolutionizing the way businesses function, the way they provide services and storage functionalities.

If you are thinking of shifting your career to the cloud, this is the right time. There are plenty of jobs available that provide you with job stability as well. Regardless of your skills and experience, you can enter into a cloud computing career and climb the ladder gradually by upskilling yourself.

LinkedIn reported cloud computing skills as the most sought-after skills in 2016 and 2017. According to BusinessInsider, the 12 jobs available in cloud computing enable you to earn a minimum of around USD 100,000. 


Today, we will discuss a vital cloud role of Cloud Architect that is highly in demand across many organizations. Cloud Architect’s role is considered one of the most popular cloud job roles, eventually making professionals opt for cloud architect courses to get trained and certified.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

Typically, architecture is referred to as the science of designing physical structures. In the context of the cloud, the architecture comprises the components that are required for cloud computing. A cloud computing architecture includes a perfect combination of components, a network, a cloud-based delivery system, front-end, and back-end platforms.

What does a Cloud Architect Do?

As a cloud architect, you get the following responsibilities.

●       Establish best practices for cloud usage meant for use within an organization

●       Identify opportunities with cloud technologies by discussing real business problems.

●       Defining rules and standards that the cloud environment should abide by.

●       Perform tasks for providing IT security and build procedures for incident responses

●       Plan for mitigating risks so that security and governance compliance

●       Design and implement cloud infrastructure

A Cloud Architect’s main objective is to transform the technical requirements of a project into design and architecture to guide the creation of a final product. Also, you are expected to bridge the gap between complex cloud issues and solutions to those. You are also required to collaborate with other departments, including Engineers and Developers, to ensure that the design and architecture procedures are going in the right direction.

As a cloud architect, you need to build a cloud environment based on the requirements of your organization. Also, you are required to monitor cloud computing strategies, including cloud deployments, plans for adopting cloud environments, the design and architecture of applications, etc.

Skills required to become a Cloud Architect

There are some specific skills required to become a Cloud Architect. They are:

Operating Systems and Networks

As an architect, you have to thoroughly understand the way operating systems work. This is because you may be required to work in various cloud environments.

Networking is another important aspect that you should know about. Cloud computing is all about connecting servers across the world, virtually. So, you should know well about the working of traditional as well as virtual networks.

●    Cloud Storage

There are various options for storage over the cloud. Block and Bucket, cold storage, hot storage, file systems are some of its types. You are required to know how these storage types work. To work with different big data applications where storage is important, you should know well about the elements.

●    Service Selection

As we already know that many cloud platforms are emerging in the IT world these days. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and more. Depending on various factors such as the services offered by the cloud, costs, growth, geographies, etc., you can choose the cloud.

To select the service, you should know the requirements, the services to optimize cost, and the services that best fit the requirements of the platforms.

●   Security

Another important aspect of cloud computing is Security. The organizations that have still not adopted cloud have security as the main concern. But, the cloud makes sure that security is provided on both the physical and network levels. Several services help in governing elements of network security across different cloud platforms. You should know the ways of controlling identity and access management, and governing network security with encryption and firewalls.


A Cloud Architect has to interact with Cloud Admin, Cloud Developer, and stakeholders. So you must possess excellent communication skills in both verbal and written modes.

Apart from the skills mentioned above, other skills that can be beneficial for you are:

●       Knowledge of MySQL

●       Experience in working with different cloud providers

●       Network administration skills

●       Programming skills in popular languages including Java, Python, Perl, etc.

●       Knowledge of open-source tools including Docker and Kubernetes

●       Experience in working with storage

You are now acquainted with the skills that you should acquire in order to become a Cloud Architect. Let’s now look at the roles you can opt for after getting certified in this domain.

The job profiles you can go with are:

●       AWS Specialist

●       Azure Cloud Architect

●       Security Architect

●       Senior IT Architect

●       Service Cloud Architect

●       Data Architect

●       Solutions Architect

To get into any of these job roles, you need to get certified to the related cloud platform. The certification validates that you have attained the required skills and knowledge required for working with the cloud.


It is now clear that you have to get a certification for becoming a Cloud Architect and boost your career. To get certified, the best possible way is to get yourself registered in an online training course.

The AWS Developer Associate Certification in Jacksonville course should be such that it allows you to learn at your own pace with the learning mode of your choice. It should make you go through real-life projects, provide doubt-sessions and career guidance as well.

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