Sometimes a situation arises when we decide to permanently break off relations with a loved one. The reasons may be different: misunderstanding, quarrels, jealousy, etc. It seems that everything is over and nothing can be fixed. In a fever, it is difficult to immediately figure out what you really feel, but once you calm down and spend some time in “free flight”, something starts to be missing. Involuntarily, thoughts about how to start a relationship anew appear, and indeed, is it worth it? Anguish piles up, everything falls out of hand, the mood cannot be controlled, everything is annoying.

Gradually comes the realization that it was the separation that was the cause of all the recent failures. You mentally return to the past and, as luck would have it, only pleasant memories of a former loved one come into your head, and the reasons for the separation, as such, are not found in your memory. Forgetting about pride and ambition, you run headlong to him to start all over again. Also use useful reference to find more information.

Psychologists say that in many cases, former relationships are not only restored, but can even become stronger and brighter after a long separation, as if a “second wind” opens up. But there is also a completely opposite result: resentment and reproaches against each other only intensify. Therefore, in order to take a decisive step in one direction or another, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons.

First of all, think about values. This is the main thing that should match for people trying to build a serious relationship or start a life together. Different life positions and aspirations at any moment can destroy your union. And if we are talking about just different tastes, then this is not a reason to part. Tastes change all the time, and there will come a time when they start to coincide.

A serious relationship problem is betrayal or, one might even say, betrayal. A person who once crossed this line will do it again and again. Such a relationship is definitely not worth returning.

But if you still decide to return, you need to take into account the fact that some of you will have to apologize. Start a new round of relationships with a heart-to-heart conversation, calmly, without unnecessary emotions. All reproaches and insults should end here and now. And finally, try not to repeat old mistakes in the future.

There is another point that is worth paying attention to. If you don’t have a new relationship for a long time, and you feel like you don’t need anyone, then this is not a reason to return to your former love. Do not confuse the returned feelings with a feeling of loneliness. First of all, understand yourself, and new love will come unexpectedly. But if you are sure that you cannot live without this person and returning to him is the best option, then try starting the relationship again. In any case, it is better to do it and see what happens than not do it and then regret it for the rest of your life.

From scratch: how to start a relationship again

The return of a former lover can be compared to the beginning of a new relationship. But everything is not so simple, because you already have common memories, experiences. Once you broke each other’s heart, and therefore the appearance of distrust is quite natural. After all, it is not so easy to again entrust your feelings to someone who was once betrayed. Therefore, the most important thing in how to start a relationship anew is to restore mutual respect.

Physical proximity is not enough

Finding the strength to return to your former partner, you may encounter rejection and misunderstanding. If there are too many contradictions between you, it will not be possible to resolve them at one moment. Do not step on the same rake again. Remember what caused the breakup – were the circumstances so catastrophic or did your relationship cease to suit both? If circumstances are to blame, then it will be much easier for you to overcome the barrier. Of course, provided that you no longer run away from problems, breaking the thin threads of attachment at the first difficulty. Additionally read also this article.

But if the reason is inside, the matter becomes more complicated. If you are not equal in any area: intellectual, spiritual, professional, if you are simply from too distant social circles, before starting a relationship, both of you must firmly decide what is more important for you – upholding your own values ​​​​or love.