It’s easier than you think to fall into a trap of alcohol abuse. Very often, it’s the people who think they’re the most immune from addictive behaviour who succumb to it. What starts as social drinking can transform into daily drinking, which then becomes daily drunkenness, which leads to feelings of dependence on alcohol to get through any day…it’s a creeping process that often falls upon us without much warning.

If you have found yourself in the midst of a drinking problem, what can you do about it? It’s embarrassing to admit it publicly, right? It’s humiliating to attend group meetings and talk about it, isn’t it? It can be hard to know when you’re on your own as you start to feel more and more isolated. Below are some ideas on how you might get started on turning your life back around and dealing with an alcohol problem:

1. Seek Professional Help

When you want to see real and meaningful results, then seeking professional alcohol treatment in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or whichever place you find yourself really is a must. It can be very hard to take that first step, but once you do, things start to become clear and the path to progress opens up.

2. Reflect On How Your Drinking Has Negatively Affected You

One powerful way people use to give up vices in their life such as drinking and smoking is to remind themselves of the negative associations that come with such habits, and then comparing these with the positive benefits of not engaging in them. It’s a process that one has to train oneself in, but over time it can become a powerful ally, allowing you to avoid slipping back into old habits.

With alcohol, for example, you might remind yourself of what the hangovers do to you, robbing you of whole days while you suffer in bed or on the couch. You might think of how it got you into trouble at work, or how it meant that you were unable to attend an important occasion with family members. All of these can be good deterrents for the future.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Goal-setting is important, but people too often make the classic mistake of setting goals that are totally unrealistic and unattainable. For instance, thinking that you can just “give up alcohol any time” by going cold turkey starting on some random Monday. Invariably the target will be missed because something will come up to put the person off: a friend’s birthday party on Friday night, a consolation drink at the end of a particularly hard work day, a glass of champagne because it’s someone’s wedding reception…

Realistic goals, such as gradually cutting down consumption by 1-2 units a week, will see you make a success of it, and those small early successes spur more goals and more success later on.

4. Communicate with Family and Friends

Next, when you want to be free of the grip alcohol may have on you, it’s important to open up to your loved ones and tell them what you are going through. They will become a critical support network that helps you get through it. They can help you through the hard times when you want a drink badly by reminding you of all the benefits that will come by not taking that first sip. They can also ensure that you don’t get into situations where drinking is encouraged or even expected.

5. Take Things One Day at a Time

Finally, while “take things one day at a time” may sound a little cliche, it holds perfectly true when dealing with an alcohol problem. It’s all you can do, in reality. Each day you make it through and are happy and content with what you’re doing is a small victory.