If you bake delicious cakes and want to make money on it, you do not have to open a pastry shop and look for premises for it. You can do it differently: open an individual entrepreneur, create an Instagram account and show cake ads to all sweet teeth on the Internet. Let’s figure out how to start your own business in Australia online and what are the advantages of it. 

Online business is different from the usual business in the way of selling. Otherwise, everything is the same: draw up a business plan, open an account, create start-up capital. 

Step 1: Choose what you want to do 

Sell ​​goods 

Nowadays, people appreciate Australian-made products or something unique, made with soul and in small quantities. The proof is the popularity of Instagram accounts with custom-made cakes, knitted toys, jewellery and handmade utensils. 

Provide services 

Tutors, auditors, lawyers, stylists, psychotherapists, and vocal teachers are also demanded on the Internet. Instead of live consultations, doctors can communicate with patients via Skype, and stylists select images in online stores. Selling services on the Internet is economically profitable because you can start a business without investing in production. 

Be sure to research your niche to understand the level of demand and experience of your competitors. 

Step 2: Formulate a unique selling proposition 

To grab the attention of your potential customers and stand out in the marketplace, consider your unique selling proposition – USP. Be specific about the feature that sets you apart from others. Describe it in a way that is understandable to customers and meets their needs. For example: “We will deliver food in 15 minutes after ordering”, “I will bring you a cake myself so that the courier does not crush it on the way”, “We make bouquets of mother-of-pearl ranunculus that do not fade for three days”. 

Step 3: Define your target audience 

Find out who your customer is: how old is he, what his income is, what area he works in (or doesn’t work at all), what he is interested in his free time. Once you get to know a potential customer, you will understand what he will like about your product and how to advertise it. 

Step 4: Choose ways to advertise and promote 

Word of mouth, friends’ and friends’ friends’ subscriptions will help first. But if you want to develop, you need to advertise yourself.

Any advertising on the Internet that is targeted, is always designed for a specific user or a specific request. The better you know your audience, the more effective it will be to set up your marketing campaign. 

3 popular types of online advertising: 

1. Contextual advertising

When a person is looking for “handmade knitted hats”, he first sees contextual advertising, and then sites that have something suitable for the request. 

2. Advertising in social networks and bloggers

When choosing bloggers, don’t just focus on the number of subscribers. The wider the audience, the more diverse it is. 

3. Content marketing

You can start blogging or develop an Instagram account. Post beautiful photos of the cakes you baked yesterday and tell them how and from what dough you make them. 

Your task is to interest the audience and gain their trust. The blog does not give instant results, so use it as an additional promotion channel. 

Step 5: Plan your spending 

to pay the state duty when registering an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;

production and marketing;

for possible lease of premises (for a warehouse, for example) and delivery to other cities;

for the salaries of employees. 

It is difficult to raise all the initial capital at once. Secure commercial business loans in Australia will easily help you with this task. 

Pros of Online Entrepreneurship 

Easy to get started 

Start with an Instagram business account or build a landing page – it’s free. You can bake delicious and beautiful cakes in your kitchen, and then take pictures of them on your phone – here is the content for you to promote. No need to spend money on a separate room, equipment and a crew for a photo. 

Alternatively, you can promote your own website or go to marketplaces, trading platforms where different companies sell their products – Beru, Ozon, Wildberries. 

Easy to scale 

To find buyers in other cities, just expand your ad area – show your ads in other cities or even countries. The whole secret lies in the correct definition of target audience and targeting. 

Easy to monitor 

Most business processes can be monitored online – from a phone or laptop, remotely and without being tied to an office or home. 


The online world has become a part of our lives. Why not start a business online too? Now you have your own guide for starting your own online business. Don’t hesitate. You have the idea, you have the resources and desire. So, what are you waiting for?