Putting your artistic skills to use in a way that will earn you money is always a worthy goal; one method to do so is to launch an internet business selling personalized keychains. The internet has made it simpler than ever to connect with potential clients all around the world, and one item that is consistently in high demand is personalized keychains. You can make a successful internet business that enables you to express your creativity while also allowing you to make money if you do a little bit of study and put in a lot of hard effort. 

In this article, we will go into the specifics of what it takes to begin an internet business that sells personalized keychains and cover all the bases in the process. Everything from conducting market research and designing products to marketing and fulfilling orders will be covered by us. This article contains information that can assist you in turning your interest in creating personalized keychains into a successful internet business, regardless of how experienced an entrepreneur you are or whether this is your first time running your own company. Let’s not waste any more time and get started on this amazing adventure together.

Steps to start a business selling custom keychains online.

Identify Your Niche

Finding your market niche should be the first thing you do when beginning a firm. You should give some thought to the kinds of custom keychains you want to make, the materials you want to work with, and the people you want to sell them to. Think about what it is that sets your keychains apart from the other options that are currently available on the market. Do research on your rivals and examine the market to identify any voids that could be filled by your company.

Choose Your Business Model

When it comes to selling custom keychains online, you have a few different options for business models to pick from. Either you can generate your own designs by creating your own designs and manufacturing them yourself, or you can develop a partnership with a manufacturer to produce your designs. You can also take use of services known as print-on-demand, which allow you to design the keychains and then have the manufacturer print and dispatch them when an order has been placed.

Develop Your Brand

Investing time and energy into the growth of your company’s brand is critical to its overall success. Customers will be able to distinguish your company from others in the industry thanks to your brand, which also serves to familiarize them with your products and services. Choose a moniker that is not only simple to recollect but also captures the essence of your product or service. Conceive of a logo for your brand and select a color palette that fits in well with its image. Create a website that is user-friendly and displays all of your offerings in an organized manner.

Create Your Designs

After you have determined your market niche, selected your business plan, and established your brand, the next step is to create the designs for your products. Take into account the materials you intend to employ, such as acrylic, wood, or metal, and select the hues and patterns that are most congruent with your company’s identity. You can make your designs with the help of graphic design software or you can employ a graphic designer to assist you.

Set Up Your Online Store

Setting up your online store is a critical step in starting your business. Choose an e-commerce platform that’s easy to use and has the features you need, such as product customization, payment processing, and shipping options. Develop a pricing strategy that’s competitive and reflects the value of your products.

Market Your Business

Marketing your business is essential to attract customers and generate sales. Use social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to showcase your products and engage with potential customers. Use email marketing campaigns to keep customers informed about new designs and promotions. Partner with influencers and bloggers to reach a broader audience.

Fulfill Your Orders

Once you start getting orders, it’s essential to fulfill them promptly and efficiently. Use a reliable shipping service that provides tracking information and delivers on time. Consider offering free shipping for larger orders or during promotional periods.


Starting a business selling custom keychains online, or even branching out into custom body pillow, requires careful planning, creativity, and dedication. By following these steps, you can turn your passion for design into a profitable venture. Remember to focus on your niche, whether it’s custom keychains or custom body pillows, develop your brand, create unique designs, set up your online store, market your business, and fulfill your orders. With hard work and determination, you can build a successful business selling customized products online.