Are you aware of the fake medicines being sold in the market. You must have seen some news related to selling fake medication in this pandemic due to increased demand. Read the blog to understand how you can identify and how companies manage to provide error-free medicines to you. 

Compared to any other product the packaging and labeling of pharmaceutical products are much smaller but this doesn’t make their job easier. It makes their job much tougher after this. As they have to include every single piece of information in those small spaces. The Pharma industry needs to follow more strict regulations imposed on them as these medicines can decide life and death for some patients. To make sure everything is perfect on the labels companies are opting for better technology these days like artwork management software which can help them in managing the whole process with their tools.  Some of the common errors that happen in the labeling the pharma products are: –

  1. Electronic file misrepresent
  2. Using wrong fonts
  3. Unreadable labels/codes
  4. Printing the same codes on many products
  5. Wrong Spellings
  6. Using wrong font sizes
  7. Wrong translation when selling medicines in different countries
  8. Not following the regulations of that particular country

Text Comparison

Text labels Here you can see the name of the brand, its property, quantity, and concentration. 

The most important thing about any product is its brand of anime and product description. Product name to identify the name and description to know about the product. If we see from the eyes of a normal customer we won’t notice but the customers who are loyal to that specific brand will probably notice every single detail. And that’s why it becomes important to proofread everything on the label as one single mistake can cause issues and complaints from customers. Not only that it is also important to maintain the text size, style, image size, and much more. Back then all these things were proofread by individuals but now there are many tools available that will compare the source to the designed product. This makes the process of labeling and packaging much faster. As machines are more accurate than humans they will have fewer chances of error which can stop a lot of future recalls. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry as every data or information mentioned is too important, one slight mistake can cause big losses. 

Quality Compliance In Pharmaceutical Labeling

This past year was tough for everyone as Covid-19 made people go through a lot. It also made us understand that the medical field needs to develop much more and we are not ready for future pandemics similar to this one. It also created pressure on manufacturers as not even one slight mistake can be ignored as in an emergency there’s no time for recalls and relabeling. Not only that, but the relabeling process is also time-consuming and can damage a company financially too. Even if we ignore the money part, it will be harder to get back the image of the company which they built over the years. Every manufacturer who is involved in the pharmaceutical sector needs to strictly follow the ISO standard and they need to make sure to release error-free products. According to the regulation implemented by the government in case of any situation related to errors they can even ban that particular product from entering the marketever again and with some big penalties on the company. Many of the big brands have to face penalties for millions of dollars too. 

Appropriate Description

Medication Label Literacy – UNC Healthy Heels

Every pharma manufacturer needs to provide a detailed description of the product. It is mandatory so that every consumer is aware of everything related to the product. The label must include this information: –

  1. Purpose of medicine
  2. How to use
  3. How to store
  4. Side effects
  5. Manufacturing and Expiration Dates
  6. How to dispose 
  7. Other sensitive information
  8. Composition

This is important so that no consumer either in assumption or by mistake intake wrong medications. This is important for their safety as some high dosage medication has serious side effects like nausea, headache, weakness, etc. The instruction should be clear and in easy language for every person to understand easily. Which Legendary Actress has Lost the Best Actress Oscar a Whopping 18 times ?

Environment-Friendly Pharmaceutical Labeling Environment-friendly

Environment friendly packaging

These days people are more serious about using environmentally friendly products as we all are aware of the consequences of damaging the environment. Still, most of the medication is packaged in plastic packaging as it’s most secure but it’s also hard to recycle. This is only one issue, another major issue is that using cheap packaging or wrong packaging, sometimes the medication gets out of the packaging before reaching the consumer due to various reasons. The medication can’t be exposed to air for long as it won’t be effective anymore and it will waste to use it after that. 

So it is important to provide proper packaging and deal with such leaking of medications out of the packaging. Also, there aren’t many eco-friendly options for packaging medicines, we have to keep looking for better options for our environment. 

Wrapping It Up!

It’s not only the responsibility of the manufacturer but also of the consumer to read and choose the right medication. It is preferred that you never take any kind of medication without discussing it with your doctor first. If you used the wrong medication it will affect your health and no manufacturer will be able to compensate for that discomfort you faced. Better be cautious about the medical products you use, make sure to read the description and other important information mentioned in the third point of this blog.