Gold and silver jewellery are fascinating and entertaining. One must use extra care when purchasing jewelry from anybody other than a trusted source. It is not often obvious if an antique jewelry item is composed of genuine gold or silver or is only plated. Without a test used by an expert, it’s impossible to know. If you are purchasing gold online, buy only from a reputed Gold jewelry shop online.

How to Know if it is a High-Quality Gold Jewellery

Gold is the ultimate representation of prestige, power, and fortune, and its possession is traditionally reserved for royalty. If you need to know how to detect whether gold is high-quality, here are some simple tests to do at home to help.

Stamp Test

A piece of gold jewelry is typically engraved with a hallmark or a stamp indicating its content or manufacturer. Hallmarks frequently occur in an unnoticed position, like the inside of a ring. The hallmark test, often known as the magnifying glass test, is a good step to begin when determining whether your gold is authentic.

Skin Test

The procedure for this test is simple: It requires holding a piece of gold marcasite brooches in your hands for a few minutes. Generally, the sweat on your palms may react with the metal, causing a shift in tone, or it may have no effect. True gold won’t turn your skin green even if it rubs against it. If the gold is fake, it will induce skin discoloration in the form of black, blue, or green.

Ceramic Scratch Test

Take a piece of gold and scrape it over the surface of an unglazed ceramic plate or tile. Gold leaves a gold mark or trail because it is gold. The residue of other metals will be dark. 

How to Know if it is a High-Quality Silver Jewellry

In certain cases, genuine silver might be difficult to distinguish from imitations. There are easy tests to check if the shining metal is German silver, pewter, or real silver, just like gold and other precious metals. 

Hallmark Test

Silver’s hallmark shows its authenticity. If the hallmark is worn, investigate other authenticity signs.”999″ (fine silver), “925” (sterling silver), and similar symbols are so small they need a magnifying glass. It usually shows the silver value, which is also a point indicator that it is of high quality and can be used as a perfect present for your loved ones. If you’re searching for a high-quality jewelry gift, let Hoskings help you.

Magnet Test

Since silver is paramagnetic, a magnetic test can determine its purity. If the item hardly responds, it’s real. Magnets are powerful enough. Some metal alloys don’t respond to magnets and look like silver. To be sure, do further tests.

Polish Test

Use a soft white towel to polish silver jewelry. Genuine silver leaves black spots on the fabric. Silver oxidizes in the air. Rubbing the surface with a cloth transfers oxidation. No black indication signifies the object isn’t silver or silver-plated.


Multiple methods are available to determine whether a piece of gold or silver is of excellent grade. If your family treasures have sentimental worth and can’t be replaced with anything else, it’s better to take them to an expert appraiser examining antique items. 

However, whether you’re looking for new jewelry or want verification before purchasing pre-owned items, here are the ways you may use to determine if the metals in question are genuine.