You can spot fake Air Jordan Sneakers by looking for specific signs. Genuine Air Jordan Sneakers have debossed wings, while fakes have a glossy and painted-in look. The logo of an authentic pair will be stamped into the leather instead of debossed. A genuine pair will also have proper letter spacing and an Hourglass shape, while a fake pair will not.

Authentic Air Jordan 1

There are many ways to tell a fake Air Jordan 1 from a real one. For one, real Air Jordan 1s have a compact, nicely woven spare lace bag. Conversely, fakes have thick, round, and uneven spare laces with gaps at the top. Also, fakes have unevenly spaced tabs on the top, while real ones have the same size, shape, and tension on the heel straps.

Another key sign of fake Air Jordan 1 Sneakers is their hourglass shape. While they do have a distinctive swoosh, fakes often have wrongly-shaped perforations. They might also be larger than the originals. Additionally, fakes follow a specific pattern of placement. The heel is another key factor. Real Jordan 1 sneakers have a thicker heel at the top and bottom, whereas fakes have a thin heel in the middle.

In addition, fake sneakers don’t have the trademark circle “R” on their interior tags. The ‘R’ is a circle that Nike likes to have repeated twice on their woven label. The font on fake Jordans is too small, and the ‘R’ sign may be missing or crooked.

The wings logo on the Air Jordan 1 is also a major clue. An authentic pair will have a stamped leather logo. However, fake ones have an orange box, and the number “5” is much bigger than normal. Additionally, the “tm” sign is less distinguishable. The wings logo on a fake Air Jordan 1 is also usually thinner than the original one.

StockX also offers an authentication service Fake Air Jordan Sneakers For Sale. Unlike other online marketplaces, the company verifies every product before paying the seller. If the seller is not authentic, StockX will cancel the order. This is one of the things that separates them from competitors like eBay. Interestingly, eBay recently added an authentication service for sneakers. Despite this, many details are missing. Nevertheless, the lawsuit has been a major source of public drama for the sneaker industry.

Despite the popularity of the Nike Air Jordan 1s, they are very expensive. As a result, it’s crucial to make sure you are buying genuine ones. It is recommended to purchase Air Jordan 1s from an authorized retailer or directly from Nike. Moreover, you should avoid buying from individual sellers.

Moreover, look at the tag. It is important to note that the font is different in the genuine and fake versions. Real ones have angular letters, whereas fakes have smaller letters. Additionally, the fake ones lack angularity on the corners. They also have too much space between the pellets.

When buying a pair of Air Jordans, keep an eye out for several signs that indicate that the shoes are fake. The shoe’s manufacturing sticker will often be crooked, misshapen, or difficult to read. Another sign that it’s not a real one is the lack of a style number. The style number is usually listed under the country of manufacture. Lastly, the stitching on the tag should be uniform. Bst sneakers offers best sneakers in affordable price.

Another sign of fake Air Jordan 1s is the oversized letter “R.” The letter “R” on fake Air Jordan 1s is too curvy. The real letter “R” is thicker. Authentic Air Jordan 1s are marked with a rounded, pronounced “D” on the bottom.

You can also check the shoe’s UPC code. The UPC number is a 12 or 13-digit code found underneath the barcode. In addition, you should look for a tag with the manufacturing sticker. A shoe’s UPC number should match the manufacturing sticker. If you can’t find the label, try to use a website that provides images of the shoes.

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