For many New Yorkers, autumn is their favorite season. This is a great time for walking around the city and for trips to the suburbs. This is the best time for shopping and all kinds of events. All that remains is to choose what event you would like to attend and what places you would like to visit this fall. Here are 8 things that will make you fall in love with New York again.

Apple And Pumpkin Farm

Do you like apple pies? Then we know what to offer you! You will definitely love picking apples with your own hands for a crispy brownie at Woodside Orchards on Long Island. Here you can taste more than 20 varieties of apples. You can also visit the Beak & Skiff apple farm at Finger Lakes.

And if you are a big fan of Halloween, then for you there may be another exciting entertainment – a trip to the pumpkin field. Watch how pumpkins grow, take a closer look at existing pumpkin varieties, and make a list of pumpkin dishes you will definitely want to try this fall. Fun is guaranteed for both children and adults!

Apple Cider Donuts

This is something that will not leave anyone indifferent as there is hardly a person who doesn’t feel like enjoying themselves with apple donuts! A trip to Golden Harvest Farms can be considered one of the most delicious and interesting events of the fall season. Here you can taste not only aromatic donuts, but also drink freshly brewed apple cider. The choice of donuts will delight you – which of the seven different flavors would you like best?


If you are a fan of more active pastime, then feel free to go to the suburbs. For example, the Catskill Scenic Trail can delight you with 26 miles of walking, cycling or horse riding. And this is not the only place you can visit. The Tupper Lake Triad in the Adirondacks, the Panama Rocks Scenic Park in Chautauqua-Allegheny or the Finger Lakes are also great choices for a warm fall day. Rent premium cars with your friends and go on a fun and active trip for the entire weekend!

More Extreme Adventures

Do you know that there is the highest zipline in North America near New York? You should definitely consider this entertainment option for one of your fall weekends. You will get a lot of impressions and pleasure from such a trip!

Scenic Highways

New York is surrounded by very picturesque highways. We suggest you rent a car in RealCar New York as our fleet is truly impressive and go explore the sights around New York. You can see panoramic views of the Adirondack High Peaks or drive through the Hudson Valley. Regardless of which direction you choose, do not forget to take a camera, because you will visit those places that you will want to capture not only in your memory but also in your family album.

Sparkling Pointe Vineyards

How to plunge into the romance of France without leaving the city? It is as easy as possible! Just visit Sparkling Pointe Vineyards. This place is designed in the style of an elegant French country estate. You can enjoy dinner with your loved ones and have the most unforgettable emotions.

Picnic In Central Park

This can be said to be the must-have of every inhabitant of the city in the fall. Take sandwiches, cheese, fruits and vegetables and go for a picnic. Be sure to create a mood for yourself by grabbing wicker baskets and warm cozy blankets. You can not only enjoy delicious food in the fresh air, but also take many stunning photos, because this park in autumn is a very beautiful place!

Corn Mazes

Corn mazes are a very common type of entertainment for an autumn day. If you’ve never been before, you should definitely give it a try. And if you gather a company, it will be even more fun! Moreover, you can combine it with picking apples and visiting pumpkin fields.