Each channel of interaction with clients is good in its way. For example, texting has a high click-through rate, and email newsletters work for loyalty and sell well. Just imagine what they can do together!

Why do you need both SMS and e-mail mailings?

The tools solve different problems:

Email fuels interest handles objections, and increases customer loyalty and lifespan. In addition, the channel remains a leader in return on investment. According to research, every dollar invested in the channel generates up to $42 in revenue.

SMS quickly and efficiently informs users about promotions, sales, new products, product availability, delivery stages, and so on. According to MobileMonkey statistics, SMS messages are opened by 98% of users, while the average Open Rate of emails is 20%.

And some companies don’t use e-mailing at all and focus on customer phone numbers. Therefore, instead of email addresses, the company collects phone numbers and conducts the main communication through them.

What’s the way to send SMS with Gmail?

First, install the Email to Text extension. Then open your google account and pick compose new. After that, write a message you want to share with recipients. When it’s done, find the “Email to Text” icon. You can now select existing mobile numbers or add new recipients to send your text message. After contacts management is done, chose the “save contacts” option.

Finally, click on send an email button and you are ready to go!

In addition to a high open-rate, the messages have other advantages:

  • The mailing list will quickly alert people to current offers. To make sure they don’t miss anything, you can inform them in an SMS about the status of the order and delivery, send a personal promo code, or tell them about a temporary promotion
  • SMS comes to the phone and is displayed immediately on the screen. Unlike emails, where you can turn off notifications. The SMS will pop up on the screen, and the recipient will notice it
  • on one phone, but there can be several email addresses. Users can create several mailboxes – for work, registration, and communication. They are unlikely to check each one. And the phone in most cases is the same
  • There is no advertising noise and low competition for users’ attention. The mailbox of the user is usually full of various mailings. With the SMS no such thing – here it’s still easier to compete for the attention of the customer.
  • You can contact people who did not leave an email. If one of your customers didn’t leave an e-mail, you can contact them via SMS.
  • You can personalize your communication. The newsletter can only be sent to people who have agreed to subscribe. If you personalize communication with them, it will increase loyalty to the company’s products and services.