Do you think that selling an apartment is a simple matter and all you have to do is put an ad online and you’ll be arranging meetings with interested parties in no time? Such situations do happen, of course, but it usually takes a little longer to sell an apartment. If you care about time and a good price, then learn practical tips that will help you sell your apartment quickly.

Prepare documents for the sale of an apartment

No one likes unnecessary paperwork, but completing the documents needed to sell your apartment is essential if you want to sell your apartment quickly. This way, once you find a willing buyer for your apartment, you can make an overnight appointment with a notary and finalize the transaction.

Prepare for yourself the land registry number, documents confirming the purchase of the apartment, and in a situation where the apartment is owned by several people – a power of attorney to conduct discussions on their behalf. If these people will not be able to attend the signing of the sales contract, a power of attorney in the form of a notarial deed will also be necessary.

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Take care of the appearance of the apartment

You can only make a first impression once, so before you advertise the sale of a property you need to prepare it properly. You should do this already at the stage of preparing the sale announcement, because already in the photos the apartment should look its best. So you need to clean up, remove unnecessary items that may clutter the interior, and take care of decent lighting of the rooms so that it looks best in the photos. Remember that when people are looking for an apartment for sale, they make an initial selection based on photos, so good photos are the basis for enabling a quick sale of the apartment.

Preparing the apartment for photos is as important as preparing it for presentation to potential buyers. What will be invisible in a photo, such as a loose baseboard or a broken contact, may be noticed during a viewing. You may think these are trifles, but in the eyes of the buyer they may constitute a problem, the solution of which will seem so difficult and expensive to him that he will give up the desire to talk about the price of the apartment or will want to negotiate more strongly on the terms of the sale of the property. So don’t give him arguments of this kind and prepare the apartment in the smallest detail.

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Write a good ad for the sale of an apartment

Good photos will catch a buyer’s attention, but no less important is the description of the apartment that will appear in the ad. This is the place where you should include information that is relevant from the buyer’s point of view, regarding the apartment itself and its location. Emphasize the advantages by writing to the buyer in the language of benefits. It’s not enough to write about the proximity to public transportation, but emphasize the quick commute to the center, which will save stress during the daily commute. The buyer needs to understand how a feature will affect his or her life, so look for clear connections between the two.

If you like to write, there’s nothing stopping you from weaving humorous elements into your real estate sale ad. Such ads are very popular with buyers and are readily shared on social media, making it much easier to reach a wider audience.

However, don’t avoid facts that may be important to the buyer. Among the most important is the legal status of the property, so if your apartment for sale is in a townhouse and it is a share with an indication, rather than ownership with a separate land register, write this right away in the ad. This will save you a lot of time answering phone calls and arranging meetings with people who will not be able to buy your apartment for this reason, because, for example, they want to buy an apartment on credit.

In your ad, also include the expected price of the apartment, as this will make the search for a potential interested party much easier. If you don’t write it, it is likely that no one will call you about it, or, on the contrary, you will receive calls from people asking about the price and ending the conversation at this stage. In either case, it will be a waste of time, so it is better to write the price of the apartment right away with a margin, as take into account the willingness of buyers to negotiate it.

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Announce the sale of the property

Having prepared good photos and an announcement about the sale of the apartment, you can take the next step, which is to add the announcement on portals. You can add it to the biggest ones, which you can easily find by typing “apartments for sale”, “apartment sale Warsaw” or similar phrases into the search engine. You can also use local classifieds sites, especially if there is a thriving portal of this kind in your area.

Don’t close yourself only to real estate portals, as when you want to sell an apartment you can look for interested parties in various places, including your social media. An ad put up on Facebook reaches hundreds of your friends, some of whom may share it further, and in this way you can reach more people potentially interested in buying. Remember that people are more likely to buy from people they know, even if it’s just a friend-of-a-friend. It’s still a more familiar person than a seller from an ad found online, and this works strongly in your favor.

Take care of the good atmosphere during the presentation

Phone calls from people interested in buying your apartment should lead to an appointment to view the property. This is the moment that can make the difference in a buyer’s decision, so make sure that from the moment they cross the threshold of the apartment they feel comfortable in it. If you still live in the apartment you are selling then clean, air the apartment and make sure it smells and lights properly. It’s best to make an appointment for the presentation in daylight and plan the day so that you don’t have to rush. If you glance nervously at your watch, delinquent from foot to foot and show nervousness, the buyer will feel uncomfortable and instead of focusing on the apartment for sale will feel obliged to leave it as soon as possible.

The buyer needs to have time to casually look around the property, adjust it with his eyes to his needs, and have a moment to wonder if this is indeed the property he is looking for. So don’t follow him step by step, but leave him space to think, while remaining on standby to answer questions that arise during the viewing.

Be open to negotiation, but not necessarily on price

After a successful presentation of an apartment for sale, the time comes to talk about the terms of selling the apartment. This is a difficult situation for most people, as not everyone negotiates the terms of a contract for several hundred thousand zlotys on a daily basis, where each party has its own goals and finding a consensus is not easy.

When preparing for negotiations, remember that you don’t have to focus on the price of the apartment in them. There are other terms of the deal that may be crucial for the buyer, and it is not difficult for you to implement them. If buyers are renting an apartment for which they pay a not inconsiderable monthly rent, they may be willing to agree to a higher price when they can move into the apartment almost immediately after purchase. Show them the possible savings on rent and convince them that this is a good option. A bargaining chip may also be to leave some of the apartment’s furnishings or other issues that come up during your conversation with the interested party. Don’t hesitate to ask what the interviewee cares most about, and look for unorthodox solutions that will lead to an agreement.

Finalize the transaction

The final stage in the sale of an apartment is the signing of a contract transferring ownership. If the legal status is unchallenged and the buyer pays cash, then you can sign the notarized deed of sale of the apartment right away. However, if the buyer wants to use a mortgage, then a preliminary agreement will be necessary, which is also best signed in the form of a notarized deed. This way, should the buyer withdraw from the purchase, you have the right to keep the deposit in the amount agreed in the contract.

How to sell an apartment quickly – by yourself or with an office?

The guide we have prepared shows you how to carry out the sale of an apartment step by step, and as you can see these steps are quite numerous. You can go through this process on your own, but you can also use the services of specialists, such as real estate agents. With a contract with an office, you save a lot of time and effort, since many of the steps are carried out by a real estate advisor. Depending on the type of agreement written, you can count not only on the usual photos, but also on home staging, a virtual walk-through or an open day at the property, thanks to which the time of selling an apartment is definitely reduced. If you like this solution, check out the difference between an exclusive contract and an open one, and find out how much the real estate agency’s commission is, and then decide if it’s not the best option for your situation.