Selling your house without a realtor agent is now possible. The amount of commission that the realtor charge is pretty huge and it gets deducted from your potential profit. However, to save your money and make a deal directly with the buyers, you can sell your home by yourself. The process is not as complex as it sounds and you can do it with the understanding of selling a property. 

In Arizona, the agents usually charge anywhere from 4.5% to 6% commission rate. We understand that this amount may be important to you. Not only can you eliminate the commission amount but you can also be in full control of the sale. If you too wish to sell the house without involving a listing agent, we are here to help. Here are the steps that you need to keep in mind before you carry out the process. 

Preparing the home 

Ensuring that your house is in a top-notch condition will attract more genuine customers and it will also increase the value of your property. From lights, and switches to broken tiles, replace them with new ones so the house looks presentable.

 If the house appears to be old, renovate the roof and add a lot of lights to bring some shine to the house. When the buyer visits your house, they should have nothing to point out that may influence the deal negatively. Keep the house in a great and appealing condition.  

Staging is significant 

If you are wondering how to sell the house by owner in Arizona, staging is a necessary step in the process. Clean the house, declutter the mess and make it look aesthetic. Take professional photographs to upload on listing sites. Ensure that the pictures look incredible so they invite more buyers. 

Studies show that well-staged houses sell faster and attract the best deals. If you want the best for your house, you can even opt for professional staging companies that will do the work for you. They try to create a picture of the house in the eyes of the buyers so they know how it will look with furniture. 

Deciding the price of the property

If we talk about the most essential part of the process, it is the price deciding factor. Keeping the price too low will put you at a loss whereas if the price is too high, it will not attract any buyers. Also, if you drop the price all of a sudden, the buyers will think that there is something fishy going on with the property. Therefore, analyze the market before deciding the price.

 For instance, have a look at listing sites to see the price of houses in your neighborhood. 

Compare the features of their house to yours and then see if you are asking for a fair price. Factors like the locality, schools present in the district, restaurants, hospitals and other necessary things contribute to the price of the house. 

The listing phase

After fixing the price of your property, it’s necessary to write a listing description that will attract local buyers. But, before writing any specific description, it’s suggested to understand the requirements and the elements that buyers prefer to find in every property. So, ensure to keep the below-mentioned features in your property description:

  • Energy-efficient property
  • Extended space for remote work
  • Inclusion of all repairs and renovations
  • Asking for a reasonable price.

Right after preparing an ideal property description, there comes the turn of listing your home on a popular platform which causes excessive traffic every day. When it comes to selecting a platform for selling a home in Arizona, multiple names pop up in the loop but among all these, you can surely move forward with MLS Realty. 

Listing a home at MLS Realty is as easy as it gets, not just that but you can list your property at the respective platform for an unexpectedly competitive fee. Simply look out for Arizona flat fee MLS, enlist your property with an apt description and get in touch with the potential buyers. 

Show your property

Now, once you get in touch with your potential buyers, here comes the part of showing the enlisted home. You see, in the space of real estate, the factor of time matters the most. Thus, ensure to schedule a meet-up with the potential buyers and ask them to fix it for the nearest possible time. Not only that but do not forget to organize your home tour accordingly. There are a few tips to prepare your property for the buyers’ visit:

  • They keep the place clean and organized
  • Show the prettiest part at the last
  • Avoid the last moment vacuum-sessions
  • Arrange the snacks stock or delicious cookies for them
  • Keep the place scented
  • Try to create a homey vibe.

Negotiations and sellers’ concessions

After the home tour, if the deal seems in the right direction, you should work on the negotiations and seller concession step. It is needless to say that every buyer wishes to avail of the maximum concession and as a seller, you should know to sell the property at a fruitful price. So, here you can prioritize making relationships with the buyers since the mouth-to-mouth publicity truly works in the real-estate sector. 

However, you can figure out the concession part by providing the:

  • Home warranty
  • Information about the previous property taxes
  • Offering repair credits.

Close the deal

The last but the most significant step in selling your home is undoubtedly closing the deal. This step includes the final sale of your property. Hence, while finally arriving at the last phase, make sure to close the deal with polite words, and keep the deal as warm as possible because ultimately the PR thing is the key to success in the real-estate universe. 

Final Words

So, it was all about the mini-guide on how to sell a house by owner in Arizona, we hope that now you know you have the talent of selling your property in the best possible way. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry, enlist your home and crack some outstanding clients in no time.