Staying organised is critical for seamless business operations. This can be achieved by installing the right shelving solution. With one, your staff can move around the storage area with ease and effortlessly pick whatever item they require. Additionally, industrial metal shelving enhances the storage safety of goods, increases the storage capacity of the warehouse, and enhances in-store marketing.

Warehouse or storage and shelves with cardboard boxes. Industrial background. 3d illustration

To reap all these benefits, you must have the appropriate Stack-iT Shelving and storage solution that’s suitable for your business. Here are some tips on selecting one:

  1. Purchase From Shelving Experts

Your first step in selecting the right shelving solutions for your business is identifying a reliable supplier. Doing business with such industry experts comes with the following advantages:

  • They’ll quickly understand your needs and suggest the most appropriate shelving solution for your business. 
  • You can create a good rapport and consult them whenever you run into an issue with your newly installed shelves.
  • You’ll get high-quality shelves at affordable prices.
  • They have dozens of shelf types to choose from, meaning you won’t feel restricted to a limited variety.
  1. Consider Your Storage Needs

The typical amount and size of the items you deal with in your business should assist you with selecting the right shelves. For instance, if your core products are small, such as flash disks, biro pens, computer cables, or spoons, you could opt for bin shelves. 

On the other hand, if you deal with large goods, like TV screens, blankets, or home theatre systems, you’re better off with pallet racking. They are designed with sturdy components, including uprights, beams, and pallet supports, which enable them to carry heavy goods without collapsing. Their main advantage is that they can accommodate unlimited expansions, giving you an easy time as you need to increase your storage. Also, they come with handy accessories to help you place and retrieve goods with ease.

  1. Examine Your Business Space

Different shelving solutions consume varying amounts of horizontal and vertical space. Thus, you’d want to accurately measure the storage area of your business premises and select shelves that fit properly. Remember, you should leave plenty of space around the shelves to allow for easy access. Here are some options you could try out:

  • Steel Shelving Mezzanines: These come in standard units, which you can assemble to whatever length and height you wish to. Given that they’re made of top-quality steel, you can stack dozens of them to great heights, meaning they’re a perfect choice for tall buildings. They also take limited horizontal space and are advantageous if your main concern is saving the little floor space you have.
  • Wire Shelving: These are made of aluminium frames and wires, making them very light and portable. You can also attach wheels to wire shelves and move them around with ease. 
  1. Ensure It’s Easy To Assemble

Consider installing shelves that are pretty easy to assemble and disassemble, such as the rivet shelving. This way, you can alter the shelf arrangement as often as you wish, without necessarily calling in professionals to do the job for you. This saves you money in the long run, and that’s a primary goal of all businesses.

Moreover, you might want to relocate your business at some point. With such shelves, the move becomes fairly uncomplicated, thus enhancing your mobility strategy. Unlike permanently fixed shelves which you can’t disassemble and move with to new premises. 

  1. Consider Their Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from the functional aspects of shelves, you’d also want to look into their aesthetics. That’s especially true if your customers access the shelves. Your product display should be attractive enough, as it’s one of the factors that influence the purchase decision. 

Therefore, don’t just consider the strength and size of the shelves but ensure that the design, surface finish, and colour are pleasing to the eyes. For food storage, white polished surfaces are perfect, as they symbolise hygiene. For building materials, you can choose grey textured surfaces to help hide the dirt. For books, wooden shelves look classic. Whatever product you deal with, make sure to choose shelves that pull off a good-looking display.


Selecting the right shelving for your business goes a long way to ensuring that your products are stored safely and can be retrieved quickly. You’d want to consider aspects like storage capacity, space requirements, ease of assembly, and aesthetics. Most importantly, choose reliable shelf suppliers for guaranteed quality. Ultimately, your workers will have an easy time placing and retrieving items from the shelves, while your customers will be impressed by your organisation skills, which may influence their purchase decision.