You will be faced with a major challenge when you decide that it is time to buy a pallet wrapping machine to keep pace with your burgeoning or established business. Because of the difference in production lines, your business will require a specific pallet-wrapping machine with distinct features of its own. Before we delve further into this blog, remember that superior wrapping will always give a sizeable ROI.

The options available to you for pallet wrapping are automatic pallet wrapping, hand wrapping, and semi-automatic pallet wrapping. Which one you choose will determine the trajectory of the Return on Investment, which is sizeable for a big company. When you are mulling about a pallet wrapper acquisition, be objective and cold-blooded and try to find out where you should be in the next 5 years. If you buy the pallet-wrapping machine accordingly, you will stay in the green.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Load?

Your choice of a pallet-wrapping machine will be dependent on the weight, size, and variability of loads placed on it. If safety is a primary concern, go for horizontal or orbital wrappers. On the other hand, if your loads are light and stable, choose a turntable wrapper. If the load is quite unstable and heavy to the top, you will need a rotary arm machine.

Questions To Ask Of Yourself Before Purchase

  • How heavy is your workload? What is the speed of wrapping now? What is your wrapping target soon?
  • What is the nature of the loads? Are they fragile or irregular in shape?
  • What amount of money have you kept aside or saved to purchase the pallet wrappers?

Customisations Available

Here are some customisations in pallet wrapping machines that you will be interested in:

  • The pre-stretch cut/cuts, which the machine has ready so that consumption of wrapping film can be economised.
  • Assimilation of remote-controlled robots for pallet- wrapping your products right in the assembly line.
  • A pallet-wrapping machine with film dispensers. This helps to protect from the rain and the sun.
  • Pallet wrapper with scales
  • A ramp that allows you to load the pallets.

When you are looking to select the best possible pallet wrapping machine according to your need, here are some things to consider:

  • What Is The Wrapping Count Per Day?

To choose the right machine, look for the RPM of the machine and the number of wraps that a single product goes through on its way past the production line. The maximum level of production will depend on the above factors.

  • What’s The Dimension Of The Largest Pallet?

To accommodate pallet wraps of all required sizes, go for a pallet wrapper that can handle the biggest pallet. For this, the measurements of the pallet are essential. A tall pallet requires machines with extended masts, and an extended load that is wide will require a large area as a base. Again, pallet wrappers have different weight classes for ideal operation, the bigger the pallet, the larger the pallet wrapping machine.

  • Is It Necessary To Weigh Every Pallet? 

Some machines are less productive, some pallet wrappers have inbuilt scales that allow the worker to both weigh and wrap the pallet so that double handling, a costly factor in a factory, does not happen. If you think about it, you will understand how important it is to have a pallet wrapper with inbuilt scales. It is far more economical than having a scale added to the pallet wrapping machine later in the process.

  • Do You Need Pre-Stretch Heads?

Pre-stretch heads allow the film to be stretched, sometimes to 400% of original length and breadth, effectively meaning that a 1000m roll of the wrap can be increased to at least 5000 m.

  • The Environment Around The Machine

It is not that chatter among workers will make the pallet wrapping machine distracted. However, physical factors count. If the pallet machine is placed in a damp and cold room, It will need a different kind of lubricant. If the machine is in an area covered with dust, protection can be had by extra covers on the pallet wrapper.

  • Is A Forklift Or a Pallet Truck Being Used? 

There are some new pallet wrapping machines, they can make your life as a company owner less stressful. Less labour will be required for machine loading of pallet wrapped products, leading to lesser chances of workmen being laid up with back injuries while handling heavy pallets.

It’s All Automated In Different Degrees

Keeping aside the different pallet wrap systems, you are also at liberty to choose the degree of automation. These are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

  • Manual: This kind of automation works best for those low output settings, human error comes into play.
  • Semi-automatic: This is the next degree of automation. It has rotary arm machines as well as turntables. Wrapping happens automatically, however, you will need an employee to take out the wrapped loads and put in the unwrapped ones.
  • Automatic: Here, the film gets wrapped and cut and sealed. If you were to look for high output pallet wrapping and packaging, this is what you need.

Budget Determination

Coming down to brass tacks, this is what you have to think over- how much of your hard-earned money do you want to allow for a pallet-wrapping machine? If you are playing in the little league, a semi-automatic or manual style will do. But when you are up there, battling the giants of e-commerce, rocking with the blows and delivering telling ones of your own, you will need a high–tech and automatic pallet wrapping machine, maybe more than one, if you are serious about expanding your business beyond the confines of your city.

Pallet wrapping, the manual type, has been around for a very long time and things are not looking to change anytime soon. Prepare yourself for a year of high commerce with your customisable pallet-wrapping machine to beat the competition.