Many engaged couples spend tens of thousands on their wedding. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in America is just over $27,000.

While much of that money is spent on decor, the cake, the venue, and catering, a substantial amount also goes on wedding attire. Just as the groom has groomsmen, most brides have bridesmaids. And they need dresses that match!

Read on to learn how to match bridesmaid dress colors to the look and feel of your wedding.

Start With Your Wedding Color Palette

The first step in selecting bridesmaid dress styles and colors is to review your wedding color palette.

Your bridesmaid dress colors should complement your wedding colors. First, create a mood board using flowers, décor, and invitations. If you’re unsure how to match colors, use a color wheel.

This way, you can avoid a disastrous clash.

Opt for Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are one of the bridesmaid style trends of the moment.

Consider shades of:

  • Beige
  • Champagne
  • Grey
  • Taupe
  • Gold
  • Silver

If you’re willing to be daring and eschew tradition, you could choose white, ivory, or cream!

These colors are timeless, elegant, and versatile. There’s a reason why they fill the racks at bridal shops!

And, as a bonus, your bridesmaid can wear the dresses for other occasions, too.

Experiment With Pastels

Another one of the bridesmaid color trends that’s never really gone out of style is the soft, romantic look. And there’s no better way to achieve that than with pastels.

Think a pink flowy full-length dress, lavender wrap-around, or dusty blue formal dress.

Be sure to choose vibrant pastel shades to stand out in photographs—especially if you’re photographing in nature rather than inside.

Go Bold

Some of the best bridesmaid dress colors—or at least those that leave the biggest impression on guests—are statement colors.

Some of the currently trending bold hues include:

  • Coral
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow
  • Emerald green
  • Sapphire blue
  • Ruby red

That “pop of color” works as well in your wedding as in your home decor!

Consider the Season and Venue

We touched on this before, but you need to keep the season and venue in mind when it comes to bridesmaid dress ideas.

If you have an outdoor wedding in the summer, you might want to opt for lighter, brighter colors. On the other hand, if you’re having a fall wedding in a rustic barn, earthy tones like mustard yellow or burnt orange might be a better fit.

Ask for Your Bridemaids’ Opinions

Finally, don’t forget to let your bridesmaids have a say in the color of their dresses.

While the bride ultimately has the final say (of course!), you don’t want bitter bridesmaids at your wedding. They deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their dresses—just as you do.

Give them a selection of vetted colors and even dress designs.

Bridesmaid Dress Colors: How to Get Them Right

Selecting bridesmaid dress colors that match your color scheme is fun and rewarding—if you do it right and early.

Consider your wedding color palette. Take note of the season you’re getting married in. Understand the wedding venue’s architecture and interiors.

For more advice on creating an unforgettable wedding experience, read the other articles in our blog.