QuickBooks errors QBWC1039 can take place when the person tries to add the identical configuration report twice within the software. Whilst the error happens, it gives an error message- error QBWC1039: there was a problem including the application. Test the QBWCLog.Txt for details. Furthermore, the error message shows, “errors unique file identification required” accompanied through the error message. 

QuickBooks desktop error QBWC1039: Description

There may be numerous instances of QuickBooks online login that you can come upon even as the usage of the QuickBooks application. You could receive any of the under-given errors messages whilst the error erase up:

Errors Message 1: 

QBWC1039: There was a problem with including the application. Check QWCLog.Txt for details.

Errors connecting to QuickBooks. Error message acquired from QuickBooks was <If the QuickBooks company data file is not open, a call to the “BeginSession” method must include the name of the data file.>

Errors Message 2: 

This application does not now have permission to access this QuickBooks enterprise data record. The QuickBooks administrator can grant access permission through included application preferences. 

Errors Message 3: 

Not able to add FileID to company document for this application

To resolve the error, you want to discover and solve the possible reasons behind  in the back of the error.

 Possible Reasons behind QuickBooks web Connector errors 1039?

The under-given list describes the reasons that could promote QuickBooks errors QBWC1039:

  • Whilst then QuickBooks organisation file is moved or relocated from its original location, the error code can come into sight
  • Faulty removal of the third party apps or Warehouse supervisor can also promote the QuickBooks error code QBWC1039. This difficulty can be resolved via reinstalling the .Qbw document.
  • If the name of the business enterprise file is changed
  • Compatibility issues among the company document with the application 
  • Whilst QuickBooks Administrator restricts integration of third party application 
  • When you have already made several tries to integrates the application

The way to Troubleshoot QBWebConnector error QBWC1039?

Now that you are aware of the possible causes behind the QuickBooks web Connector error 1039, you can proceed in the direction of the troubleshooting strategies. But before that, you want to make certain that the latest version of the QuickBooks web Connector is installed on the system. If not, update QuickBooks web connect and if the error persists, follow the troubleshooting processes defined underneath:

Solution 1: Resolve problems related to QuickBooks company file

QuickBooks errors QBWC1039 can be caused because of several problems associated with the QuickBooks company file. To repair the error:

  • When you have renamed your QuickBooks organization file, change the file name back to the original.
  • If the company document is moved to a special location, move it back to the original location 
  • Login QuickBooks company file the use of Admin credentials 
  • If you are running QuickBooks in Multi-user Mode, transfer to single-user Mode. You can find the option of switch to single-user Mode from the file tab
  • You furthermore might want to allow third-party application within the QuickBooks by following the below-given steps:
  1. Go to the Edit tab and select preferences
  2. Now select integrated application and click company preferences 
  3. Subsequent, you need to click the third-party app after which properties
  4. Mark the checkbox to  allow this application to log in automatically.
  5. Enter yes to allow
  6. Sooner or later, choose the user which you want to login and click ok.

If errors with QBWC1039 connecting apps continue, then move to the following solution. 

Solution 2: Allow third party application to access the to company file

To perform this troubleshooting manner for QuickBooks error QBWC1039, make sure that you are logged in as an Administrator and running QuickBooks in single-user mode:

  1. From within the Edit tab, click on options
  2. Choose integrated application after which move to the company preferences section
  3. Unmark the checkbox against Don’t permit any application to access this company file option
  4. Now in SDK App Authorization window, click on yes and permit the applications you want to add
  5. Click on ok to confirm the changes.

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