Whenever you walk into a home, you can almost be sure you will find wooden furniture within a few minutes. Therefore, knowing how to care for and repair the furniture is crucial to help you save on cost and make everything last longer. There are many DIY tricks that people use to fix wood furniture. However, some can become complicated and use expensive items that not all households can access. If you want to learn how to repair wood furniture, you should always begin with simple things you can easily access at home or in your woodshed.


Everyone loves the glossy look of new furniture. However, wood naturally fades with use and exposure to the sun. Therefore, one of the most essential tricks in fixing furniture is knowing how to refinish it to restore its shine. The first thing to do is to sand the wood. You will get an unpleasant finish when you rush to put a new layer without removing the old one.

Sanding removes the faded layer and dirt that may hinder the wood from absorbing the new layer. This way, when you apply the finishing, you can bring out the furniture’s original beauty, making it look as good as new.


Another simple and affordable trick is using vinegar to darken the wood. This is an essential ingredient as you learn how to repair wood furniture. Since almost every household uses the product, you cannot lack one nearby. Nevertheless, the best one to use is apple cider vinegar. Others may not be very friendly to the furniture and may fail to bring out your expected results. Apply the vinegar gently using a wire brush on the surface as you allow it to absorb. Ensure you apply a double layer for the best outcome. You can leave it to dry for some time, then come back for the results.


Do you know that the mayo you use in the meals can also help you in fixing furniture? It helps to solve one of the most common issues you encounter at home-water stains. When water spills on a piece of furniture or the floor, it may leave a color that makes the spot look dirty or unpleasant. You can quickly fix this problem by applying mayo to that area. You can also use petroleum oil if you don’t have mayo at that moment. Let it rest undisturbed for several hours, then return to wipe away the layer. It will be as if the stain was never there.

Wood Filler

While you may not have wood filler in your kitchen, you can get it at any nearby hardware store. There are many brands available, but you can ask the experts at the store for the best one to purchase. This is the best way to fix holes and any significant gaps in wood. You only need to mix the product on a plate and apply it to the affected area. Give it time to rest and solidify, then sand it to make the surface even.


Now that you know how to repair wood furniture, you will not spend heavily on minor issues. Your home has everything it takes to keep your furniture immaculate for decades. Nevertheless, you can consult expert carpenters for any major damage that risks the object’s integrity.