How To Repair An Aircon That Does Not Cool? The Aircon that blows hot air into hot air can be frustrating. Remember, in Singapore, the weather and a properly functioning Aircon are integral to any home or office. If your unit works efficiently, it can provide a favorable living environment and add comfort to your home.

In some cases, the air conditioning unit may malfunction and stop blowing cool air into your home and office in Singapore. The article is a comprehensive guide to why your device does not cool your home and how to fix the Aircon.

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The air filters are dirty.

A dirty filter is one of the most common reasons why your AC unit does not cool. Dust and dirt can build up on your air filters, disrupting the proper functioning of the thermostat. Dirt can clog the filters and interfere with the ducts’ passage of warm and cool air. In other cases, it can cause your evaporator coil to freeze, thereby preventing adequate passage of cool air from the ducts.

Some of the reasons that can contribute to dirty air filters are:

Your AC one-inch pleated filters-these filters are susceptible to the accumulation of dirt because they are designed to trap all pollutants in the air.

  • AC is running at the wrong setting-if there is wrong setting, and air continuously flows onto the air filters causing them to collect dirt very quickly.
  • A leak in the air ducts-it can cause your air filter to accumulate dirt quickly.
  • Your home has pets – they can produce fur and contaminants that eventually accumulate on the air filters.

How to solve the problem

Since dirty or clogged air filters interfere with the process of cooling your space, it is an integral part to make sure you clean them regularly. You can make sure to clean the air filters every month. You can replace the air filters and repair the Aircon if they are severely damaged.

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The thermostat settings are incorrect.

A thermostat is very integral in detecting any changes in internal temperature. If the thermostat settings are not set correctly, it will not adequately perceive the temperature changes. Also, a faulty thermostat can interfere with how your AC works.

How to solve the problem

The first step is to check the settings of your thermostat. Ensure the settings are on ‘Auto’ mode so that your thermostat can automatically detect any rise or fall in temperature in your home. If the thermostat is faulty or broken, consider replacing it with a new one.

The capacitor coils are dirty.

Your capacitor coils may accumulate dirt or debris that interferes with the regular operation of the AC unit. Remember that your condenser works to convert warm air into cool air. If it is clogged, it will interfere with the operation of the AC unit. Debris will even block the process of heat transfer.

How to solve the problem

Be sure to clean the condenser regularly by carefully removing dirt or debris that clogs it. You can also ensure that your AC unit is regularly inspected by a professional who can repair the Aircon early enough.

Defective Engines

The compressor of the AC unit circulates the coolant and the indoor units. If you have a broken compressor, the indoor air will not be able to blow cold air. Thus, a damaged compressor will interfere with the process of cooling air.

How to solve the problem

it would help if you replaced a damaged or defective compressor. It is integral to ensure that you hire a professional who accurately repairs the Aircon.

A Low Coolant Level service

A coolant is a very vital fluid in the AC unit. It helps to absorb heat from the internal environment. If the levels of this liquid are too low, it will interfere with the AC cooling process. The most likely cause of a low coolant level is leakage.

How to solve the problem

It is possible to determine the problem of a low coolant level. Some of the most common problems include bubbling or hissing sounds and ice build-up on your outdoor unit. If you identify any of these problems, consult an expert for a professional solution.