Portable Document Format (PDF) has become one of the world’s most popular file format types. Because of the stability, security, and integrity it provides, it has continued to gain more and more acceptance.

PDF has become the preferred file for official statements, resumes, product introduction brochures for companies, contracts, reports, etc.; however, it is not without its troubles.

PDF users have sometimes encountered PDF corruption. When this happens, they cannot open files and are thrown into instant worry about losing important data, causing them to search for ways to repair a PDF and retrieve their data.

So, in this article, we will discuss some probable causes of PDF corruption and how you can stop this from occurring, as well as how to repair a PDF using any device of your choice.

Some Main Reasons for PDF Damage and Corruption

Although there are numerous benefits to storing files as PDFs, they can quickly become corrupted. And although this may not be a frequent occurrence, you may find yourself missing essential data whenever it happens, so it is best to know why it happens and take necessary precautions to protect your precious PDF documents.

So, let us look at some significant reasons why your PDF file may become corrupt or damaged

  1. A sub-par PDF creator 

Creating a PDF document or file with low quality and sub-par PDF creator will most likely lead to a damaged or corrupt PDF, causing you to seek ways to repair a PDF. Although many PDF creators are available in App stores, be sure to verify the authenticity of whichever one you choose to avoid running into the problem of a corrupt PDF.

Also, overusing a PDF, regardless of the superiority of the PDF creator used, can result in a corrupt file primarily due to software glitches. 

  1. Direct Online View

Another cause of a corrupted PDF is when they are viewed directly online without downloading or saving them first to your device. Viewing a PDF document online directly can cause the opening process to be prolonged or not open after several online views. 

So, using a browser instead of a PDF reader to open a PDF document can also lead to a corrupt PDF. You can avoid this by downloading a PDF document to your device and opening it with a PDF reader.

  1. Missing Plug-in on Browsers 

Sometimes when you attempt to open a PDF document via a link within your browser, you may encounter errors that will not allow that action. When this happens, your browser is missing the required plug-in to enable you to open PDFs.

Also, sending an uncompressed PDF file via email can cause them to become corrupt.

  1. Connection Failures While Downloading

Another common cause of corrupted PDF is connection failures while a PDF downloads, causing the file to only download in parts. This can happen when there is a break in power, HDD failure, system breakdown, virus attacks, etc.

Also, changing or printing a PDF can sometimes lead to corruption.

How to Repair a PDF

Many online and offline tools can be used to repair a PDF. However, it is essential to note that full data recovery may not be made, so always have your PDF document fully backed up to prevent complete data loss.

Also, not all corrupt PDFs can be fixed, but when any of the error messages below appears, there is a good chance that your file data can be restored. (Your data recovery process may still be successful even though the error isn’t listed below)

  • Format error – Not a PDF File or Corrupted
  • PDF not readable with your software
  • There was an error processing this page
  • Root object is invalid or missing
  • File is damaged or corrupt
  • It contains information not understood by the viewer
  • There was an error opening this document

So, we will discuss how you can repair a PDF without software using FormatPDF.com webpage in this article

Whenever you encounter a corrupted PDF, try some basic troubleshoots like restoring from your backup, downloading from the source, and restoring the files from the previous version if you are editing. However, if none of this work, here are steps you can take to easily and quickly repair your document.

Step 1. Select the Repair PDF File option and click on Select File


Step 2. Click on the Repair File tab to repair the uploaded PDF


Step 3. Click on Download File to save repaired PDF


Protect Your PDF Files

Because most file retrieval methods will restore your lost PDF documents completely, applying a few safe practices to protect your PDF files against corruption and damage is better.

So, here are a few simple methods to help keep your files intact for as long as possible.

  1. Download Before Viewing

One of the easiest file protection methods is downloading PDF files received as attachments before viewing them. Unfortunately, users mostly try to view files directly instead of first saving them to their devices, which can lead to file damage.

So, download files to your device before viewing or printing them.

  1. Never Open a PDF file on a Web Browser

Another way to keep your PDF doc safe from corruption or damage is never to open a PDF file on a web browser, and you will avoid seeking ways to repair a PDF. And even though most browsers are designed with the ability to open PDFs, making them easier to access. Doing this repeatedly on a web browser can damage a PDF file.

So, downloading and viewing your document using a PDF reader is the best way to access PDF documents. Also, always try clearing your web browser’s cache before downloading a PDF to keep it from getting corrupted.

  1. Keep system Intact

Before downloading a PDF document, ensure that there will be no power outage, network outage, or HDD breakdown that could interrupt and damage the downloading process and cause PDF to become corrupt.

Also, a virus attack will affect your files, including PDF documents, so ensure your system is free of any virus.

  1. Use Authentic PDF Creator and Reader Utility

Many PDF creators and readers are available online, but be sure to find and use authentic and highly compatible ones to avoid damaged PDF files.

In conclusion, there are many ways to repair a PDF that is broken or corrupted, including using PDF repair tools online and manually. However, preventing the damage or corruption of PDF files is better because no PDF repair will restore your files entirely.