Are you tired of frequent Excel file errors? Do you want to alleviate this issue altogether? Then, it would help if you comprehended how to repair corrupt Excel file before essential documents get lost.

Now and then, Excel files can encounter startling problems which steer to file corruption. Albeit, you can solve these problems conveniently.

Before we delve into the techniques of repairing damaged Excel files, let us demystify why Excel files get corrupted at first.

What Induces the Corruption of Excel Files?

If it is necessary to repair Excel file, it is imperative to discover the origin of the problem to thwart such a thing from happening for the second time.

  • Excel Application Lagging and Freezing

When the Excel Application begins to freeze, get stuck, or lag, the software experiences constant crashes upon launch, corrupting most Excel documents.

  • Abrupt System Shutdown

While working on Excel and there is an abrupt Shutdown of the System, it leads to Excel file corruption.

  • Virus or Malware Bushwhack

When Virus or Malware attacks the OS and Hard Drive, Excel files get corrupted, and the software begins to crash abruptly.

  • Absence of a Reliable Excel File Repair Tool

Operating your PC without a reliable Excel File Repair Tool might lead to the loss of essential documents. Therefore, our Stellar Excel File Repair Tool is recommended to retrieve damaged XLS and XLSX files.

  • Erroneous Excel Application Installation and Corruption

Excel Applications installed erroneously effortlessly get corrupted, and XLS file corruption begins to appear.

Apart from the reasons listed, there are other eclectic reasons. As an illustration, it is advisable to use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) while working with a desktop.

How to detect corrupted sheet in Excel

It is essential to scrutinize a corrupt file and find remedies swiftly:

  • The document’s content suddenly goes blank with nothing to display.
  • The file format revamps from .XLS or .XLSX to a bizarre format that is inaccessible.
  • The file size displays 0 bytes.
  • Excel documented data transforms into a distinct or weird character.

If your Excel files exhibit any of these, you should speculate about repairing them. The process of fixing up the document is very susceptible to use and quite understanding.

Ways of Repairing Corrupt Excel Files:

1. Scan Corrupted Excel Files with an Antivirus:

Earlier, it has been elucidated that Malware and viruses can cause File Corruption. Hence, you can handily scan the corrupted XLS file with Antivirus Software. It will also deter Malware from damaging documents in the future.

  • To repair the document, first, choose the Excel file.
  • After that, right-click on the selected Excel file and choose the scan option to scan with an installed and trusted Antivirus Software.
  • If you prefer not to install a new Antivirus Software, you can use the inbuilt Microsoft Defender.

2. Repair Corrupted Documents with a Repair Tool:

One of the most effective ways to repair a corrupt Excel file is installing a credible File Repair Tool. The Stellar Excel File Repair Tool is outstanding for recovering any corrupted XLS or XLSX document.

  • Download, install and launch Stellar Excel Repair Tool.
Stellar Repair for Excel installieren
  • After launching the software, go to its Home Screen and click on repair spreadsheets, where you will find an option to repair corrupt MS Excel documents.
Outlook repair
  • Select the corrupt Excel files or files as the case may be. 
Outlook repair
  • After selecting the file, click on Repair, and the software begins to scan and repair the specified documents.
Outlook repair
  • Let the software complete the scan and repair process. After that, items are displayed in a tree view on the left-hand panel, which you can preview by double-clicking.
Outlook repair
  • After previewing, click on the save file button located on the main menu. Choose the desired destination to save the retrieved document and click on OK.
Outlook repair
  • The software shows the file saving.
Outlook repair
  • The repaired Excel file is saved successfully.
Outlook repair

3. Change the File Extension

The installed Excel version may differ, and, as a result, it may not be compatible to open certain documents. Older versions save a file as .XLS by default, but newer versions save files as .XLSX. Try changing the format to see if the document opens or not.

  • Click on file after successfully opening Microsoft Excel.
  • Click on Export and select change file type.
  • After that, change the file extension to any other format supported by MS Excel.
  • Open and click on Save As.
  • Relaunch the Excel file to see if the problem persists or not.

4. Microsoft Open and Repair Tool

This is another easy-to-use standard for retrieving corrupted documents on your PC. Again, you do this on the Microsoft Excel software, and you get access to the corrupted files after repairing them yourself. 

  • On the File tab, click on Open to access the document.
  • The next thing is discovering the location on the spreadsheet. 
  • After finding the document, click on Browse to see the document’s properties.
  • Do not exit the Open dialogue box. Instead, proceed by selecting the corrupted workbook that you want to open.
  • Click the arrow next to the Open button and click Open and Repair.
  • You can move forward to retrieve the workbook data by clicking on Repair.
  • Then, extract the data by clicking on Extract Data.

Ending note:

Excel files are crucial across many fields, and no one relishes corrupted Excel documents. Therefore, we recommend using our Stellar Excel File Repair Tool to access your documents without unnecessary sophistication.

Meta: Having difficulties repairing corrupt Excel files? Kindly read through our propounded remedies to overhaul the problem immediately.