Trees are beautiful and can grow almost everywhere provided the conditions needed for their growth are met. If you should decide to cut down any tree for any reason you’ll be left with a much tougher adversary “the tree stump.” Before you can say you have fully removed a tree, the stump must also be removed as well. Since we know that removing the stump is much harder than cutting down the tree that’s why this guide was prepared to teach you how to remove a tree stump from your backyard. If you do not have the patience or time to do it yourself, you can hire tree company omaha.

Before anyone can consider removing a tree stump from anywhere (in this case, your backyard), one has put into consideration its size, budget, and you must also be prepared to invest because there isn’t a single route to get the job done. If you want to remove a stump from your backyard, there are several methods to use but for this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to manually remove a tree stump.

How to remove a tree stump (the manual approach)

Removing the tree stump manually is a tedious process but it is eco-friendly and it doesn’t have any negative impact on the earth since the hole left by the stump can easily be covered. 

Before you start using the manual method, you will have to purchase a digger bar, mattock, bow saw, and an axe. Also, be sure to wear your safety gear and these include things like gloves, safety shoes, goggles, trousers, a shirt and a hat (a helmet is most preferred).

Once you have all the requirements ready, follow the steps below to learn how to remove the tree stump in your backyard.

  1. Get a mattock and use the broad end of the mattock to dig around the stump. This helps in loosening the dirt.
  2. Get a shovel to remove the loosened dirt to reveal the roots.
  3. Sever the roots from the tree trunk using the mattock. 
  4. Carry out steps 1-3 repeatedly until you have gotten to the taproot. At that point, clear the ground around it.
  5. This time around we will be using a different tool. You can now use a bow saw or an axe to cut through the taproot. 
  6. After you have cut through the taproot, you can wiggle the tree stump around to make it easier for you to pull it out of the topsoil. 

The entire process outlined above will take hours but when you are done, you will be proud of yourself, you will also be happy that the tree stump is finally gone.

This method is most suited for medium-sized tree trunks but if your trunk is larger, you may have to use a stump grinder or you can hire experts that can help you remove them. If you reside in Sydney, it is quite easier to hire the services of an expert to help with tree removal in Sydney because the city has several tree removing experts.