KuCoin is one of the world’s fastest-growing crypto exchanges with over 20 million  users in 2018. Also known as “crypto-exchange” and also a cryptocurrency trading  platform it offers traders an easy way to buy BTC using USDT (stable coins) for  trading, trading coins for other cryptocurrencies, or fiat money. That means you can  easily buy any kind of cryptocurrency (and other asset types) that your goals are.  The exchange has been making a profit since its creation in 2013 and the last year  ended up doing a net income of $23 million. It even made a name for itself when it  released a live chart of all top cryptocurrency markets in October 2019. Of course,  this isn’t going to make traders happy about not only being able to try out different  prices but also knowing how they compare to other people who have already bought  through them. They’ll still go ahead but some traders may be disappointed because  they see the market as a bunch of spam and will rather just invest in something more  stable to make a long-term bet. So, what’s up? It turns out, there are ways to get the  best performance from the exchange.

Different Types of Cryptocurrencies That Are Available: Here are some of the most common crypto types available on kuCoin. 

Decentralized App: 

The first type of crypto is the most common is called ‘decentralized app’. This means  that it is stored on the blockchain rather than a central entity. All assets are stored in  this kind of crypto instead of being placed into their wallets and kept in a central  place somewhere. Because you only have access to the funds, but there’s no  paperwork it will have a lower risk of loss or damage. Decentralized apps can be  traded anonymously without needing to share your details, and Bitcoin trade is a  very easy Decentralized App. As well as being cheaper, there’s a lot of freedom to  choose your assets when compared to owning them yourself. I think decentralized  apps are very attractive because they are very cheap and once purchased, they can  be stored away indefinitely which is great but, on the downside, there are always  risks to losing money. 

Security Token: 

Also known as Security Tokens is another form of crypto. This way that your assets  are stored electronically instead of on a hard drive. So, whenever you own your  items, you receive their value from somebody else. Once again, it’s owned by  nobody else. As you own your store you only have to pay for what you want. Then  you just have to hand over the rest whenever you want. However, just like above, it  can lead to serious problems later in life when a theft occurs. Another downside to  tokens is that they are tied to a certain amount of electricity which means they are  less efficient when the electricity goes down. Now, these things aren’t bad but just  think of being able to change your password whenever you want the downside is  that you now have to rely upon the power of the security token to do that for you and  can’t just do so in normal times. 

Self-custody Coins:

This kind of crypto allows you to store your data in a special file that cannot be  accessed by anyone else. There’s no way of getting rid of that data and keeping all  those documents somewhere else. Instead, it is stored in your privacy file (which is  separate from everyone else’s) and you can simply open your file whenever you  desire. However, the problem with this kind of crypto is that it has the potential to  become pretty risky if you choose the wrong path like storing your money in the  wrong things or having lots in one thing rather than other things or the wrong people.  Although this type of crypto is somewhat similar to the latter, there’s no denying the  difference between the two! Self-customized coins can lead to bigger problems when  dealing with big companies or financial institutions such as banks. This can lead to  your money being frozen and your identity being stolen. Since it was created, this  kind of crypto has been subject to a class-action lawsuit by law enforcement agencies  such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which stated that it was infringing on  privacy and causing irreparable harm to consumers. 

Stable Coin: 

The keyword in this coin is stable. When you hold onto it you give up some of that  capital, which means you don’t immediately have the full amount when buying a  new item. Stable coins are often called altcoins because they will not fluctuate just  when you buy something, however. With stable coins, you can’t buy anything at all  like on an ICO or with regular US dollars. Unlike other types of cryptos, which are  meant to be quickly sold, stables are typically purchased by a small group of wealthy  individuals. Even though it is very simple to purchase, it isn’t easy to withdraw your  money once you have taken out the loan. 

Crypto Exchanges: 

There are several very good reasons to have an exchange to start trading, but this is  probably the coolest reason to have it. A cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace  – the equivalent to Amazon for items or eBay for services. You can sell practically  anything and anyone can take part in selling them to everyone around the globe. Not  only that, it gives a user a chance to earn a commission on every transaction that  goes on. You simply put the money from the sale that you make and deposit it right  back into your account.

Trading Platform: 

A trader will get paid by placing orders with a broker. A broker then takes the orders  off the shelf and arranges everything else as it is sold. From that point onwards the  trades are executed. Traders then get either a cut or a profit depending on the price  of the asset they have bought. All in all, you win when you are the one who starts  the whole process and ends up with the biggest investment of all. You need the  money to start this business, right? 


Line Charts: 

✓ Line charts are best for trading that is Stocks. 

✓ It supports trading without the influence of emotions. 

Bar (HLOC) Charts:

✓ Bar (HLOC) charts are best for trading that is Forex, stocks, indices and  commodities. 

✓ It provides the trader with more detail of forex trading which helps to  identify key levels and in-depth of data. 

Candlestick Charts: 

✓ Candlestick charts are best for trading that is also same as bar charts that is  Forex, stocks, indices and commodities. 

✓ Candlesticks are most popular in forex technical analysis and it is opposed  to bar charts due to the fuller nature of the candlestick.

Consistency in trading: 

When selecting a technical analysis chart in consistency of trading then following  questions arises that are: 

✓ What is the trading strategy being adopted? 

✓ Is the trading strategy targeting of Cryptocurrencies 

▪ Short 

▪ Medium or  

▪ Long-term trades? 

Once the questions can be answered in respective of trading then the chart type  may be selected using the respective information provided.