LinkedIn has made it easy for job seekers to connect with recruiters or vice versa. It holds nearly 600 million professional profiles including business profiles, recruiters, freelancers, job seekers, students, e.t.c. With such a wide range of active profiles on LinkedIn makes it one of the leading social media platforms to connect with recruiters, businesses, or job seekers.

LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to individuals looking for a job by providing several keywords and location-related job searches. Even if you are not actively seeking a job, you can turn on job alerts to get notified of any job suitable for you. A study showed that 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates while 95% of job seekers on LinkedIn get their desired job through this site.

But the common problem all job seekers face is the silence from recruiters when they reach out to them. An analysis showed that 97% of job seekers got no responses when they reached out to the hiring manager or recruiters. Badass Careers Founder, Rosie McCarthy, mentioned the same. She also added that the way you text the recruiter, the content of the message, tone, and performance of your profiles plays a big role in the first impression of the candidate. That is why we have sorted out some great tips on how to reach out to your recruiters on LinkedIn effectively and also get a positive reply from their side. By following the tips mentioned below you can increase your profile performance, frame messages to send to the recruiters, and get positive replies.

Increasing Profile Performance

The very first step before reaching out to any recruiters is to increase your profile performance. The first thing a recruiter will check after reading your message is check your LinkedIn Profile. Your profile will serve as a resume so one needs to keep their profiles updated just like they update their resumes. You can follow these steps to increase your profile performance and make it more engaging, eye-catching, and professional:

1. Add A Profile Picture

Adding a profile picture is essential to make your profile look more humane and genuine. Make sure you use your own picture to set as the profile picture. Using pictures of someone else or a random aesthetic photo pick from google will reduce the chances of you building trust with the recruiter. One must use a clear and professional picture for the LinkedIn profile to give away a sincere vibe to the recruiters.

2. Add A Background Image

In addition to the profile picture, add a background image to your LinkedIn too. You can use the logo of a company you are working for or have worked for before or any good decent image with a nice quote that represents you and your persona.

3. Write An Creative Summary

A summary is the first thing people see or read on one’s LinkedIn profiles. Although LinkedIn automatically adds your current position as your summary if you don’t add it yourself and that’s fine too. But if you want to attract the recruiter’s attention, then you must write an eye-catching summary. You can write up to 2000 words but it’s not mandatory to write a 2000 words summary only, you can keep it short and brief. You must include your experience, your job title, skills, and expertise in your summary.

4. Keep Your Profile Complete

An incomplete profile will leave a negative impression on the recruiters. So make sure you complete your full profile with accurate information.

How To Find Recruiters On LinkedIn

There are two ways to connect with a recruiter, one is they will contact you when you fill out their job application form and another is you can search them up and reach out to them.

1. For Searching Jobs

If you want recruiters to contact you first, you can search for jobs and submit their job applications. The recruiter will contact you if they like your LinkedIn profile and resume written by professionals. You can search relevant keywords such as content writing, marketing, software engineer, e.t.c for a particular job application. You can also use various search filters such as position and location to find a relevant job.

2. Finding Recruiters
The first option is very uncertain. There are chances that the recruiter will not text you judging you by your resume or may ignore you because of a high number of applications. To increase the chances of catching the eye of recruiters, you can contact them from your end. You can start by searching the keywords “recruiter”. You can use filters such as region, position, industry, e.t.c for more relevant searches. After that, you can click on each recruiter’s profile and send them your message but sending a connection request along with your message