Destiny 2 is a popular video game across the world that has ruled the hearts of many gamers for a long time. This game owes its popularity to an interesting story lines and exciting additions to the game in every season. The power level of the game keeps increasing every season where in some seasons you will see an increase of 10 and in others you will see an increase of 50. The recent Season of the Lost follows this same trend and here are a few tips to reach power level above 1300.

If your items have the same power level then you should complete the Pinnacle Gear challenges. By doing this you will get a boost to one slot and Powerful Gear rewards will even out the others.

Complete bounties during the time you complete weeklies because the XP you get at that time can accelerate the progression of your Artifact. Your Power Level increases with the amount of XP you earn.

Always level the character you play the least first when you have several characters. Once you level them, transfer the weapons to your second character and level them and then transfer the guns to your main character and level them completing every weekly milestone. This will make you reach the hard cap in the first week of the season.

Hit a soft cap of 1270 before obtaining the Powerful Gear. Obtain Rares at 1270 by playing any activity for a few hours.

Completing one or two Pinnacle Gear sources will give you the largest power level jump. Override can also provide you with gears that have a high power level. You can use boosting services that provide destiny power leveling service to obtain gears with a high power level.

After obtaining the gears with a high power level, complete the weeklies that provide you with a minor increase in power level. When you feel that obtaining a +3 item has become less impactful then complete a challenge that gives you a large boost.

If you are low on the power level scale the try replacing the T3 and T2 Powerful Gear rewards with the Pinnacle sources.

The quickest way to reach Power Level of 1300 is to complete the seasonal challenges because grant you an absurd amount of XP which contribute to your Artifacts Power Level without you having to grind yourself for a long time.

Increase your power levels fast by running the Vault of Glass raid. It has five encounters that can grant you +2 Pinnacle Gear.

Complete the activities that give you + 2 reward first. Some Pinnacle sources drop a +2 Pinnacle instead of a +1 and help you to reach higher power levels faster.

Always obtain a rewards that gives you a massive power jump first and then you can level your Crucible Glory rank in order to even out your gear rapidly. Complete the activities in order for the higher power level rewards.