Did you know that the way you talk to your children is the greatest factor in shaping their personalities? Apart from this one factor, other factors also come into play, such as their immediate environment, school, summer camp, etc.

As parents, we want to raise our children to be happy, healthy, and self-confident. And to raise your kids this way is a much more difficult job than it seems. That said, there are certain ways that parents respond to and interact with their children that help ensure their success in life.

Here are a few tips that you as parents can follow to raise self-confident and happy children.

Teach them Self-Sufficiency

If you want your children to be happy and self-confident, you will need to empower them to let them make their own decisions. When your kids know the rewards and punishments for any given situation, your kids will truly build self-confidence.

And believe us when we tell you that your kids will make good decisions as they will be empowered to take responsibility and make decisions.

Although they will need your guidance and direction, you will need them to listen to you and follow your set of rules so that you both will be happy. Give them all your care and love, but once you set the rules and your kids know the potential rewards and punishments, encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and make decisions.

Self-sufficient kids are essentially happy and confident kids.

Have Rules

Simply put, children want and need rules. You might also think of it in a way that your kids need structure within which they can grow. As a parent, your goals should be to establish communication, discipline, and obedience without giving off the vibes of a strict dictator.

Whether you realize this or not – your kids want you to make the rules. They expect you to care and nurture and teach them about life.

Believe us when we tell you that your kids subconsciously want you to provide a set of guidelines so that they have a structure in their lives and know what to expect.

This way, they will have consistency in life.

It is important to mention that some parents make the potential mistake of becoming friends with their kids and hence fail to establish strict guidelines because they feel their children will resent them for it.

However, if you feel the same way, you should know that this isn’t true and that it is your responsibility to provide your kids with the stability and structure they need and crave.

The Takeaway

As mentioned before, the way you talk to your kids is a strong determining factor in shaping their self-confidence, which is why you must talk to them in a certain manner. The foundation of self-confidence is self-esteem, and the foundation of self-esteem is how much one likes and respects oneself. Kids learn everything from infancy by their parents’ perception of how they treat them. As parents, you might want to constantly feed your kids positive reinforcement instead of criticizing them.

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