Having long hair can help you enhance your style and appearance. However, it comes with the challenge of putting up long hair without damaging it. When you are at work or a gym, you often choose to put up your hair to feel comfortable. Doing it in the wrong manner can damage your hair and can even lead to hair fall. If you want to prevent the same, then look for the best quality and buy claw clips online. Here are some other ways in which you can put up your hair without damaging it.

  1. Keep Them Loose:

Putting up your hair does not mean keeping it very tight. If you pull your hair and tie it too tight, it can damage the overall quality of your hair. The growth of hair can also be compromised since the roots will be damaged if you tighten your hair while putting it up. This is the reason why it is suggested to keep your hair a bit loose and comfortable when you put up your hair. Choose hair clips Australia and styles to put up your hair such that is comfortable and gives your scalp and hair space to breathe.

  • Apply Serum:

Hair can be in its best condition when they are left open. However, if you choose to put up your hair for a long time, then make sure you apply a serum before doing it. This will lubricate the roots of your hair and hence will reduce the chances of hair damage. Buying and applying good quality serum will also ensure that you provide essential nutrients to your hair and scalp. Even when you put up your hair after applying serum, you will observe a shine and smoothness in your hair. Therefore, do not forget to apply a serum before you put up your hair.

  • Let Them Dry:

If you have taken a bath, then it is advised not to put up your hair instantly after the same. Doing so will easily cause hair loss. Leave your wet hair for a while until they are dry. If you want to put up your hair, do them only after they are dry and when your scalp has lost all the moisture. Even while you are sweating during your exercise hours, make sure you have not put up your hair. Even if you have, then ensure they are not very tight.

  • Taking Hair Down:

To retain the quality of your hair, you shall not only be careful while you put up your hair. It is equally important to be careful while taking your hair down. Do not be in a hurry and pull your hair roughly. Take some time to open or unwrap your hair and gently take your hair down. Be careful and ensure that you do not put any pressure on the scalp as it may damage roots. Once you have good practice to take the hair down, you will be an expert in the same. To make things easier, have a mirror in front of you while you put down your hair.