There have been a great many changes and adaptions that businesses across the length and breadth of the country and beyond have been forced to make over the last two years, not least the changing environment, incentives and provisions companies have had to make available for their dedicated and hard-working employees.

With this being said, continue reading to learn how to provide an altogether more improved work/life balance for your employees as to keep them motivated, engaged, efficient, productive and essentially loyal to your specific business.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Upon first glance, the matter of how eco-friendly and carbon neutral your business is may not seem to be a top priority when it comes to ensuring (as much as feasibly possible) a high level of employee retention for your individual business.

However, such issues are at the forefront of media publications, marketing initiatives and not to mention individual members of the publics’ mind and as an operating business in 2022, it is absolutely imperative that your own company meets this need of growing importance. 

Employee Incentives

Especially now in 2022, the importance of employee benefits and incentives are even more crucial to not only current employees, but in hiring the most talented and motivated potential employees as well.

There are a range of employee benefits and incentives which will make the work to life balance of your workforce considerably more impressive and enjoyable, including but not limited to health insurance, holiday pay, paid leave, flexible working arrangements and extra training courses and development sessions. 

Consider Introducing Hybrid Working

One of the most innovative and exponentially growing fundamental changes to business models is that if the introduction of flexible and hybrid working models, due in no small part to the changes and impact to the working structure if companies from the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. 

The myriad of advantages for your employees with the introduction and gradual implementation of a hybrid working model include an increased level of emotional health and wellbeing, increased mobility and access to fresh air and physical movement and sometimes even an increased level of income.

Hybrid working will result in an increased level of efficiency received from each member of your workforce as they will feel more in control of their professional time and will be able to work in an environment that is conducive, individually, to productivity. 

Employee Benefits

Another incredibly effective way of enhancing the work to life balance of each and every member of your workforce is to offer and improve what you are currently offering, in terms of employee perks and benefits. 

Dependent on the style and working business model of your particular company, certain employee benefits will work more succinctly and in tandem with others, but there are certain tried and tested ways to incentivize your workforce.

Such ways include the following:

  • Student loan repayment plans
  • Health saving accounts
  • HSA employer match contributions
  • Discounted gym and spa memberships
  • Discounts on eye and dental appointments
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid training and development courses
  • Flexible working options