Home electronics are what you would call the main instruments that keep a household running. How so? Thermostats to provide cooling or heating depending on the weather, refrigerators to store perishable food items which is almost everything, TV’s and laptops for binge-watching our favorite entertainment shows, and washing machines to wash our clothes. Need we say more? You surely get the picture.

We honestly can’t imagine running our households like we do, without these home electronics. Lifesavers aren’t they? And as great as they are to have, they are also pricey when it comes to purchasing them. That means maintaining them well so that they can have a longer lifespan to last longer in your home before needing a replacement or an upgrade.

Home electronics can get damaged due to numerous reasons. Power surges are a number one cause – voltage fluctuations and power trips can damage any device, from big home appliances to even smaller ones like your laptop and phone chargers. They often leave an unpleasant odor or can go unnoticed often. Other than that, lack of maintenance and improper installation can even cause problems. But there are ways to minimize the damage of course.

Surge Protection Plans

Signing up for a complete home Surge Protection Plan could be the wisest thing to do. Surge Protection Plans cover the cost of repairs or replacements of certain home electronics in the case of damages caused by electrical surges. These plans can start from as low as $5 monthly!

Power surges can damage anything and in the case where there’s no insurance to back up the cost of the damages, it ultimately falls on us to bear ourselves. And we know how expensive repairs can get – the cost of replacement is a whole other story! It can take up hundreds of dollars to replace home electronics.

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Appropriate Cleaning & Maintenance

People tend to think it’s not so important to clean our appliances. But don’t you clean the air fryer tray after using it a couple of times? Exactly, the same way you must clean other devices or take extra care so that they don’t collect dust in between the wiring and circuit boards.  We’re not talking about things like blenders that are dishwasher safe. We mean bigger appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

If you’re not aware or not too sure about how to clean a certain appliance, it’s always best to call in some professional help. It could count as your annual maintenance check too. And if not for cleaning it’s always a good idea to have a maintenance check on heavy-duty home appliances to make sure they are functioning as they should be. You don’t always have to wait for something to go wrong to call in a professional for help.

Unplug Devices

A very simple task but one that people tend to overlook for many reasons. Unplugging devices when they are not in use is one of the best ways to protect them from any damage. As we mentioned above, power surges occur frequently and most of the time can go unnoticed. It is like a silent death to the appliance. When you can easily unplug it from the outlet and save yourself the trouble of spending hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacements, then why not just do that?

Kitchen appliances like Microwaves, toasters, washing machines, and the TV in the living room should be unplugged at the end of the day. Even phone and laptop chargers. It’s not to say that power surges or sudden spikes in voltage occur at night, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Home electronics are really like the backbone of your home without which you probably cannot imagine life as you live it. So why not try to protect them from damage in ways that you possibly can? Certain methods may require professional help and a small bill, but that is better than spending ten times more on replacing the appliance entirely. It’s like one day your appliance is working just fine only to find it damaged or faulty the next. There are many ways to go about protecting them from such kind of damage, and the above mentioned are a few that are easily doable.


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