If you really want to change your life, you need to radically change your hairstyle. The result is guaranteed. However, if this measure is too radical for you, then you can use a wig. This attribute will allow you to instantly transform into the desired image.

And… to feel like a completely different person.

You can become a red-haired beast, a charming blonde with blonde human hair wigs or a stunning brunette in a couple of seconds. You can easily choose more modern options – to become the owner of pink, lilac or ultra-blue hair.

There are a number of options when you need to change the image of the party and try to square their way of a long- haired beauty.

If you are following the popular trends in the fashion industry, then you can use strands of artificial fibers to increase the length of your natural hair.

The reasons may be different, but in any case, you need to have information on the correct care of artificial hair. This will ensure the best human hair wigs are long-lasting and well-groomed.

Characteristics of Wigs:

Wigs are divided into two classes: natural and synthetic. The natural wigs are made from natural hair strands. Natural wigs give a natural look and are beautiful , but they also cost an order of magnitude more.

Different countries are engaged in their manufacturing, which also affects the cost of production. Affordable or we can say cheaper and options on the market are of Asian origin, more expensive ones are indian and european.

The second type of wig is artificial. They are less durable, look less natural, but captivate with their low price and variety of styles.

These wigs are ideal for those who want to change their image for the evening, and not wear a dummy on an ongoing basis.

Although for some, even under conditions of daily wear, it is preferable to change artificial wigs every six months than buying an expensive natural one.

With frequent wear, any wig will lose its former appearance over time. Be prepared to trim the ends of the strands to refresh the look of your human hair bob wigs for other wigs you’re using.

It is important to know which materials are used to produce your wigs. The cheapest options are acrylic, polyamide and vinyl. However, these hairs have an unnatural shine, they are stiffer and less durable than other blonde human hair wigs.

There is also a “golden mean” when choosing a wig. This is synthetic hair made from thermal fiber.

Such strands can be heat treated – dried with a hairdryer, curled with a curling iron and straightened with an iron. Of course, within reason.

High quality wigs are created on the basis of kanekalon and modacrylic. Due to the fineness of the fibers, such hair looks more natural. In addition, strands are much easier to style and shape.

In modern market conditions, a choice is provided by the types of wigs. The most classic shape is a cap that covers the entire surface of the head. It is also possible the variant of “overlays”, when small strands mask certain areas (occipital, temporal, parietal).

Nowadays, the procedure for extending individual strands is very popular, when artificial hair is attached to natural hair using a special glue.

The wig you purchased can last from six months to five years. Service life largely depends on the correct care .

Especially scrupulous is the approach to the process of washing and drying synthetic hair. We have outlined the main important points of these procedures below.

Washing stages of Wigs

Washing wigs is a rather painstaking process. The main rule is that all actions must be extremely careful. You cannot pull the strands sharply, it is important to follow the instructions set out, adhere to the recommendations.

  • It is imperative to use boiled water for washing wigs. A little baking soda can be added as it warms up.
  • Calculate the amount of water with a reserve, so that you have enough for all stages of washing. After boiling, cool it to room temperature.
  • Pour a little shampoo into the prepared liquid (the proportions should be read on the label) and immerse the wig for 15-20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, we rinse the fibers very carefully with water.
  • In case of severe dirt (for example, if there are traces of cosmetics), gently comb the required area with a toothbrush with the softest bristles.
  • The second stage of washing, as in the usual care for natural hair, is a balm. Dissolve a small amount of it in the prepared liquid and leave the wig for another 10 minutes.
  • Then rinse your hair again in water with a minimum amount of fabric softener. The addition of this component will ensure that the strands are not electrified.
  • Wring the washed artificial hair gently, wrap it in a towel. We leave for 15 minutes.