Glasses, either maybe prescription glasses or sunglasses, are very helpful to us or you can say very supportive to us. Moreover, safety glasses are used to protect our eyes from the Sun and debris also. Safety glasses that are Good-looking and attractive are also made up to the criteria of the safety of standard Measures. Glasses are no longer used merely to see well. They are a style statement and innovation, such as blue light protection, can be a real ally in preventing long-term problems when it comes to our vision.

Scratched Glasses, a hate story

When a pair of glasses got scratched, it induces a problem that leads to visual impairment. When a lens gets scratched, it loses its transparency quality. That’s why it needs a solution to solve this problem. Every person who uses prescription glasses or sunglasses faces this problem. One of the world’s leading eyewear retailers, SmartBuyGlasses offers more than 180 popular eyewear brands including designer as well as affordable labels for the best prices online.To buy great and best glasses online, click here.


When safety glasses are scratched, or brokenness down, or their frame bent down, so it’s time to replace the glasses with new ones. Scratched glasses are uncomfortable to use because its transparency is challenged. As soon as possible, you should replace safety glasses. Here are some tips are available which may help to glasses to prevent scratches.

To clean the lens of glasses, you should use cold water, which is beneficial because it removes dust from glasses.

  • You should clean glasses gently to no new scratches should be there for this purpose you should use cleaning spray or wet wipes.
  • You should use microfiber to clean glasses.
  • You should keep your glasses in a protective case.
  • Lens or frame are more scratched so you must replace glasses.
  • For replacement lenses there are so many online stores are available which may help you.


  • Do not use warm water which may change the properties of glasses or lens like anti-fog or anti-glare.
  • Do not use such fabric which produces scratches, and also don’t use your fingers to clean glasses which also produces scratches on the lens.
  • Do not use other solvents like ethanol (alcohol) which may induce scratches on glasses.

How we can maintain the safety glasses

There are multiple ways to maintain glasses here first question that arises is that why we should maintain safety glasses. Simply it answers is that scratched glass may impair your vision, and you may feel headache due to low visibility, which is also a result of scratched lens.

So all these reasons make sure that we should keep maintaining the glasses in a standard way. Few steps should be considered daily to ensure proper compliance with ANSI standards. The first thing to do is check the prescription safety glasses well in order to see if there is damage and how much wear it has suffered after daily use. Finally, you should use good quality safety glasses in this regard.

There are multiple brands available which ensure health standards according to World Health Organization.


Using proper ways and dealing the glasses with care can help you increase your eyeglasses age. Glasses are a fragile thing as they are made of of glass. Take care of your glasses as you take care of yourself.