Gone are the days of the indestructible Nokias. The Apples and Androids of today are much more volatile, and sooner or later, they all need some repairing. And that’s where you come in with your cell phone repair service, all set to save the day! 

Whether it’s a smashed screen, a faulty speaker, or a charging port that just won’t work, we all know the troubles that a damaged cell phone can bring, especially in today’s technologically connected and virtually driven world. And while your service as a cell phone repair business is spot on, you’re going to need some marketing to see some success.

Confused? Not much of a marketer? No problem at all! Here are some of my top tips to promote your cell phone repair service, follow along and you’ll soon see the rays of success in your business:

  1. Be on the Instagram Grid 

Speaking of being technologically connected, having an Instagram presence is of the essence for any business these days – big or small! Think about it, if you’re wanting to repair today’s most common digital device, then shouldn’t you have a digital presence yourself?

And what better place than Instagram, one of the world’s leading image-sharing platforms. Not only will setting up a profile on this platform make you more accessible. Not only will setting up profiles and pages on these platforms make you more accessible – customers can reach out via direct messaging within a matter of minutes – but they will also help build your credibility. 

The more your followers and likes, and the greater the engagement on your page, the more your potential customers will build faith in your cell phone repair business. And as a plus, Instagram is also a great way to get the word around! With today’s fast and easy sharing features users can support brands as they expand from one customer to the other. So, Instagram promotion is a must!

  1. Collaborate

Speaking of Instagram, there’s a world of opportunity hidden away in the platform that goes beyond following and engaging. Why, Instagram is the perfect place to connect with fellow industry members and creators, giving you the chance to collaborate with them to spread the word about your cell phone repair service.

Make sure that your collaboration is outlined in clear and fair terms and that it is mutually beneficial – once that’s done then it’ll be an uphill ride! 

  1. Poster it Up!

Are you familiar with the captivating powers of good visuals? From movies to music videos to photographs, humans are spellbound by what their eyes take in, and the same goes for posters! Making use of posters to promote your cell phone repair service is not only cheap and convenient, but it’s also a tactic that brings guaranteed success. After all, poster marketing is decades old – it’s clear that it’s doing something right. 

Use posters to advertise your services, making sure to include contact details and short testimonials to amp up the credibility rating. And of course, while the poster itself should do the talking, it’s the place it’s pasted at that will make the run between hit or miss. Make sure to place your posters at places of high public gathering – think shopping malls, post offices, and corporate buildings. And of course, don’t be shy to take your poster online and show it off to the virtual world – who knows, you might just get a couple of customers. 

And speaking of, the poster placement is pretty much all you really need to worry about since designing your cell phone repair posters has become as easy as saying 1, 2, 3… with PosterMyWall’s services. Not only can you edit and design on the go, but PosterMyWall makes the entire creative process easy and enjoyable with its customizable templates and few-click features. And the best part? You don’t even need a graphic designer to make use of PosterMyWall’s services and design your cell phone repair posters – yes, it’s that easy to use! 

  1. Introduce yourself – with a business card!

Ever seen that iconic scene in movies where a character pulls out a business card in response to a call for his introduction? Well, that could be you – all you need to invest in are some pro-level business cards! 

Now, before you start thinking that business cards are for larger organizations or more seasoned professionals, remember that there is no age or level of experience that makes marketing a success, and so there’s really no reason why you should be skipping out on having your business cards. 

Use your business cards to market your cell phone repair service to a wider audience – have your cards placed at hotel receptions, the post office, grocery store checkouts – you name it, you can place them there!

And the best part? Now you can design your very own business cards with PosterMyWall’s business card creator feature! Super simple to use and easy on the pocket, as with all things designing, PosterMyWall makes for the best visual agency out there! 

So, if you’ve got a cell phone repair service that could do with some marketing then hop aboard and prepare yourself for a tidal wave of success. All you have to do is follow these steps!