Now that we’ve been in a pandemic-controlled world for the past two years, it is most likely that you, or someone you know, has been working from home for a long time. It is not just for your own safety, it is also for the safety of others. Yet, you can’t seem to get used to the feeling of seeing people behind a screen, or you can’t properly concentrate with the WIFI signal inconsistently working well enough for you to actually get work done. Here are a few tips to prepare you for another couple of months of working from home, and how you can ensure the best network connection available. Managed wifi for service providers is a good example of how you can organise your workspace for the best connection.

Just one stable connection

It doesn’t take much to actually prepare yourself for the work you have to do. After all, you’ve been studying your field of work for a longer period of time now, most people can assume. However, there are some things that are harder to understand, like how one ensures the best quality of videos while working from home with a not so stable connection. With, you can assure both yourself and your boss that you can actively participate in meetings without having to reload the screen five times. What a relief! Or is it?

Still no service

Sometimes, life isn’t that simple. If you have an internet provider with lots of malfunctions, there’s a good possibility you have to switch to another provider to make sure you can enjoy your calls with colleagues when you’re debating a difficult decision again, instead of having to repeat yourself while the internet is down for the nth time. Besides, Divitel does not only work for people with an unstable network connection. It is also a great alternative for small businesses, whose budget isn’t large enough to afford Zoom premium or a Microsoft account for all the employees. Not to worry, this is all against a fair price for good wifi!